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I’ve failed in my blogging this week. I had intended to do Jaedia’s explorer task and take a wander through the Caverns of Time, but other things kept distracting me — usually just after I’d made my way in. What I’ve seen so far is … interesting. I still haven’t worked out what might happen if I wander over to Gadgetzan — am I *really* in Tanaris, or in some odd CoT-instanced version? I don’t know yet (shh, don’t tell me) but I’ll find out.

It’s been a slightly fractured week for me, on the WoW front. Earlier in the week, my guild were putting together a group for the weekly raid quest and, having waited for 45mins, directed a bunch of people to the relevant quest-giver* and chatted away in guildchat about the run, I was somewhat dismayed to find everyone had zoned into Naxx and I hadn’t been invited, despite having raised my hand a number of times.

Actually, “somewhat dismayed” might be something of an understatement. I was pretty much furious. Coincidentally, and possibly fortuitously, I’d read the essay on raging at Righteous Orbs earlier that day. Whether that influenced my reaction I don’t know; but I simply asked if the group had already formed, and when I got an “OMG! I thought you were already here” response, managed an “Oh. Shame. Never mind.”

Yeah, ok — a bit passive-aggressive I suppose. I was in the grip of a completely disproportional temper tantrum (“You play game with SOMEONE ELSE?! Anorak SMASH!”) and it was the best I could do. I guess I won’t be winning prizes for diplomacy or maturity.

I bounced quickly to an alt but decided it would be entirely too annoying to watch the achievement spam from the newish 80s in guildchat, so I switched to Argent Dawn, my baby belf paladin and the comforting chatter of SAN for an hour or so, finally reaching level 20 and acquiring a rez for my healing arsenal. If you’re in the grip of guildrage I can definitely recommend spending an hour or two there — it’s very therapeutic.

The following night (I think) I was again on Argent Dawn, this time running Deadmines and Shadowfang Keep with, if I remember correctly, included Llarisa’s tankcow, Thaliana and Conjaw — plus an amusing PuG’d rogue on the SFK run. As seems to be the pattern for SAN guildruns, we had a fabulous time (I certainly did). We also had some light entertainment from the rogue (whose name I forget) whose occasional faux pas were greatly amusing. Particularly fun was the group’s response to his posting recount to party chat — effectively “kiss me first”. All good fun.

A return to normality at the end of the week meant rep running in ICC with the guild and getting the Ashen Band of Greater Might just before we broke up for the evening, and a couple of fun HCs.

Time now to continue the weekend’s RL fun — having already gone speedboating on the Thames, it’s time for a dinner with friends. Have fun everyone!

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