Did I just meet Snottydin?

Friday night found me rep farming trash in ICC again, and having a great time. We had a really friendly, chatty group — again a mix of guildies and others. And, when one of the randoms inevitably did start whinging about gearscore and DPS, and I (with the aid of a couple of whiskies inside me) leapt up in defense of the person targetted, there was a general outcry of “GS sucks, stop whining” type comments and I felt very much the paladin!

Anyway. The run was also remarkable because we might have had Snottydin as our healer! Ok, she obviously wasn’t on top form and wasn’t flirting with anyone (that I noticed, anyway) but check this out:

Snottydin: is that you?
Snottydin: is that you?

I rest my case.

A QUICK EDIT: to be fair to the anonymous healer — she totally *could* solo heal ICC trash (lol).

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