My coming of age

EDIT: This post at Slash Two made me laugh today, and reminded me of  the helpful chap mentioned below.

Last night I had a number of “firsts” and other remarkable events.

Please wait …

Queuing for RFC (actually for a random, but it was always going to be RFC) last night took *ages*. Now that’s fair enough, but this made no sense. We already *had* a tank. We already *had* a healer. We even had a dps. But nothing, zip, nada. No-one in LFG was interested in us. None of the Singles were up for joining us — too high level, too low level, already busy elsewhere. So we sat and, being in SAN, wittered away in guildchat with all the other fine folks, and waited. And waited. I swear it must have taken close to an hour before we finally got in for a run, which then proceeded to be a total cakewalk (thanks largely to Hurtado, who was sufficiently indestructible that I spent as almost as much time whacking mobs as I did healing). And whilst one member of the group dropped after Taragaman, the rest of us hoovered up XP from the remaining trash and minibosses.


Fresh from RFC we requeued and were ported fairly quickly into Deadmines. I was a bit of a passenger on this run — I zoned in as DPS rather than healer and was most definitely bottom of the meters for damage. I’d like to think that I was still useful, as I switched to healing periodically when our priest healer went OOM or the overexuberance of the other DPS meant we had a chunky pile of adds to deal with. There *was* a little minor drama over loot, but no-one got too excited and we cleared all the way to the end, again gaining levels (Ano, as I clearly should have named her, is now level 18!).

All growed up

I finally ran my first raid, or at least the weekly raid quest portion of one, and received the achievement Besting the Black Dragonflight for beating Sartharion. “Only” a 10-man raid, sure, but still. They say you always remember your first. It certainly makes me keen to do more — albeit with a few structural changes…

While there were quite a few of my guildies there, the raid was led by a couple of clearly more experienced players (edit: who weren’t from our guild, I should make clear). Unfortunately no-one felt the need to respond when I admitted my noobishness at the start and asked for tacs/tips, so I just wandered about hitting whatever the tanks seemed to be hitting and not really having a clue — does that still count as “raiding”?

Thanks to a “this is too slow, hurry up” vibe bouncing through raid chat I didn’t have time to find tactics to read on my second screen — we had one member of the raid stranded somewhere because we couldn’t stop to summon him. This meant I didn’t have a clue what was going on when the drakes were creating portals and the like. I guess I probably should have been looking around more but there was also complaints about the group dps (from our somewhat irritating experienced leaders) so I was too focused on my rotation and didn’t realise what was going on. Yes, ok. I’m a bit thick. Plus I think I may have been the only melee so I was always alone apart from pets. But mostlyI’m a bit thick.

This continued to Sarth himself, where to another question about tactics I received the detailed response “look out for the flame walls”. Which I did. I saw them. I saw no way through them (der, clearly wasn’t watching that carefully then). So I carried on regardless. Yay me, I’m *that* dps :(. Healers, start your battlewagons.

In the end though, no-one (except the bosses) died, various people who weren’t me got loot, and everyone got a small stack of badges. So it was ok, really.


…that I couldn’t help but reply to our helpful leader when “Did you all just turn 80 today or something, lol” (or thereabouts) was broadcast in raidchat.

“Why? Is there a problem?” I asked. “Too slow and not enough dps” was the answer. *grrrr*

And so the final part of my growing up came to pass. As my guildies were standing round, wondering in /g why our peerless leader was such an aggressive jerk, I thought I’d find out. I whispered a question to our long-since dropped group hero, asking why he couldn’t have offered some advice or suggestions instead of just repeating “not good enough, do better”, reminding him that I had specifically mentioned that I was a first-time raider and was keen for any tips. His response:

“Sure, I’ve got a tip: Learn2Play”.

10 thoughts on “My coming of age”

  1. Ano!

    Harsh man, harsh. If you’ve cleared it does it really matter? I don’t get these people who purposefully make themselves look like asshats. Maybe its because I come from a low pop server where everyone vaguely knows everyone else, but generally people learn if you do shit like that – it will bite you in the ass later. We’ve denied apps recently from people who’d pulled that kind of immature bullshit in pugs and it came back to us and was a big factor in us denying the app.

    You never really know a fight until you’ve done it a couple times. I wouldn’t sweat it man.

    1. I thought so.

      Also, I’m pretty certain I’d make the same call re: new applicants if I was in a position to do so. Obviously it depends somewhat on what you’re trying to do with your guild on the sliding scale from progress at all costs < ---> fun with friends, no pressure — but I’d have thought being willing to help others at least a *little* bit would be fairly central to a good raid group!

  2. *makes that strange rasp noise when something really makes you cringe* People like that really get up my nose. Can’t even consider that in this game there are always new players, sometimes they might need a helpful nudge, and when they ask for it you should bloody well help them rather than making snide remarks! It’s rare that a new player will say “I don’t know this fight, can you please let me know what the tactics are so I don’t mess up?” Perhaps the raid might go a little faster and smoother if he pulled his head out of his butt. Rawr.

    1. What I *didn’t* remember to say was that this is one of the first times I’ve really come across that attitude full-on. When I was first running the various level 80 dungeons/heroics a month or two ago, I was lucky enough to encounter a good number of people in random groups who, after I’d done my usual “er I don’t really know this instance so any tips would be hugely appreciated” intro, had no problem letting me know what I needed to do/watch out for.

      I might borrow your closing line for similar encounters in future ;)

  3. Was this a Guild run? I would soooo be out of that Guild it wouldn’t even register on their radar til a couple of days later. Guilds are supposed to be lil familly groups where everyone pulls together and helps the weaker get stronger…. or am I just naive?

    1. First up, sorry this didn’t appear straight away: Akismet had flagged it as spam and I hadn’t noticed.

      Secondly, it was and it wasn’t (a guild run), in that there were a lot of guildies there but the “experienced raiders” leading the group *weren’t* from the guild. You’re absolutely right — if there was someone in the guild spouting “l2p” I’d be politely suggesting that they need to leave, or as you say, making tracks myself. I’m with you on the purpose of guilds and being in them: from my perspective I’m in a guild so I can a) easily chat to people I like in game, b) get and offer help to others, c) do things I couldn’t do on my own and d) enjoy the great feeling of doing something (anything!) as part of a team. As I’m not “hardcore”, the most important thing is how we all feel, not what we achieve.

  4. Blehhh…
    I’m sorry you got such a crappy first raid, or rather such an arrogant first RL. Raiding is a ton of fun, but your cannot enjoy it if you don’t get what’s happening around you.
    Maybe you should find another guild where they accept new raiders, where they could teach you. There is a lot of small friendly guilds always happy to get people who want to learn. Everyone was new to raiding one day, many people seem to forget that.

    And like Echo said, don’t worry. Your RL seems like he forgot how many wipes he had on that fight the first time he was there.

    1. I’ve updated the post to make it clear that the experienced-but-unhelpful weren’t actually from my guild — we’re nice, just not that raid-savvy.

      The encouraging thing is that it looks like you’re right on the ‘raiding is fun’ part: even though there were some “social issues”, I really enjoyed it. New content is always fun (hey, it’s new to me) but the first hint of a little more team involvement and complexity beyond that of the typical 5 man is thrilling.

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