My first post

I suspect not the last, though.

If you’ve somehow made it here without reading anything about Single Abstract Noun, then hi Mum, how did you find this blog? Also, read this announcement from Tamarind and this one from Miss Medicina. All caught up? Goody.

So I rolled a belf paladin (Anorak) over on Argent Dawn, purloined a /ginv, and set about questing. And chatting. And more chatting, and a bit of questing, and more chatting, and more chatting, and more chatting. Leveling as a member of SAN-EU is going to be a bit of a challenge …

Look out, a horde!

Yeah, I’m struggling a bit with that. I’ve played Alliance since I started (ok, so that wasn’t that long ago, but still) and I’m terrified of PVP so my first trip into Orgrimmar was very strange. Even when just randomly questing, looking up to see a random tauren or troll gives me a jolt. I know that, eventually, I’ll get used to it but still. *shudder*

Pour allez a la banque, s’il vous plait?

A frank admission: I’ve no sense of direction, in game or out, so at the moment I spend absurd amounts of time wandering around Silvermoon City and the like, trying to find <whatever>. I swear the guards are /sigh-ing when they see me approach

Anorak: “Excuse me, could you possibly direct me to the auction house”
guard [sighing]: “Again sir? This is the third time you’ve asked me today. Are you sure you can’t remember?”
Anorak: “Sorry… er, yes. Sorry. I forgot. Sorry.”
guard: “Fair enough sir. As you’ll see from my badge, which reads ‘Auction House Guard’, you are in fact standing in the doorway of the auction house, asking for directions to the auction house. Again. So, the auction house is … right here, sir.”
[Anorak has disconnected]

Who did that?

Probably the biggest obstacle to leveling in SAN is the guild itself. Or rather, the guild chat channel. I was killed multiple times last night by the gnolls I was hunting because I was busily scrolling back up the chat history to find the starting point of some particularly entertaining conversation thread. I’m thinking I may have to customise my interface so I can make the chatbox stretch the full height of the screen. It’s a shame WoW doesn’t suppose multiple monitors — it would be wonderful to have the chat channel up on a secondary screen. Hmm, must see if there’s an add-on for that.

It’s been great fun so far, and I even managed an RFC run for the very first time. I didn’t think to screenshot it but Issy did. I’m not in it, but I’m going to repost it here (hope that’s ok!). The run broke apart moments after this, when some of us had to log off, leaving poor Tamarind with a smidgen of XP required to equip his new sword, but it was great fun.

I might not be in this screenshot but *yay* anyway
I might not be in this screenshot but *yay* anyway

Lots more to follow, I suspect. Bring it on.

5 thoughts on “My first post”

  1. Haha /shame face, I have also made a fool of myself in front of the SMC guards on occassion :)

    I had a quick look to see if I had any screenies of the run with you in – but you are dead in one, and the other is terrible sorry :)

    Next time! :)

    Glad you are enjoying the guild :)

    1. No worries Issy, thanks for checking. I forget to take screenshots at the best of times, and I was so pleased we’d made it the thought didn’t even occur to me. I might not be physically present but *you can totally see my name* and that’s enough for me! ;)

  2. This might be old news for you, but I’ve very commonly noticed one thing in regards to Silvermoon when it comes to Alliance scum *snickers* is that the general concensus seems to be:
    “you know, it’s really pretty and all, but getting from point A to point B is a pain in the bum”

    As you know Silvermoon is like a serpent road with shops all over the place, but here’s the shocker, bang in the middle of each of those bends is an Inn, which you can shortcut through since it has an entrance on both ends. By shortcutting through the inns you can get from the eastern to the western auction house in 15 seconds flat :)

    I should probably make a blog post about that some time, where I gloat over how Blizzard prefers Horde since our capital cities have far more efficient routes :)

    1. Blasted hordies, stop being cheeky er I mean thank you for your assistance, honoured compatriot and servant of the horde. Or whatever horde RP is supposed to me [me /fail]. That’s a brilliant tip. I had noticed a couple of places where there were sneaky shortcuts but most definitely hadn’t yet figured out a pattern.

      And a blog post covering helpful shortcuts around the cities might be *very* useful (gloating notwithstanding, grumble grumble). It might almost make for a good Blog Azeroth shared topic: “Navigation tips for traitors and newbies” ;)

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