Fun fun fun: playing a mage

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been fairly focused when I’ve been able to play. I’ve not logged on to Argent Dawn to play and chat with the SAN crowd. I’ve not spent *much* time on my paladin main.

Nope. I’ve been leveling a mage. A mage who was at level 30 a short while ago and to whom I gave a bunch of random PVP heirlooms as a way of spending Stone Keeper’s Shards. A mage who I started leveling again primarily because my cloth storage alt was full,  and I’d filled my bank alt’s bank, the mage’s bank and the spare space on my main’s bank with BoE items I was hoarding to level up enchanting. Both professions were capped at her current level, so there was really only one thing I could do!

I’ve done relatively little questing on Centrella since the mid-30’s. At lower levels, instances seem to hand out plenty of experience, making life in the dungeon finder a very reasonable alternative. It’s not that I was trying to ape Vidyala, or anything, more that a) I really like instanced content shared with other people and b) I’d seen very few of the lower level instances on my main. So I quested only whilst waiting for the DF to find me a group, and almost always asked if the group wanted to do more instances just before the end.

Having a clear goal and the means to attain it (versus the current “but how?” situation my paladin faces) was a fine thing. Even once I arrived at Northrend, where the quests are familiar and the dungeons more so, standing at the back lobbing arcane blasts is quite a different experience to standing with my head stuck up the boss’s backside. Also, the relatively simple rotation of an arcane mage means I spend the majority of my time looking at the action, rather than watching for the next ability to come off cooldown.

So: Centrella is now level 80 (my second 80 – can I start being cynical and complaining about the good old days yet?) and is on the “/g anyone for random HCs?” treadmill. And it’s fun – because I’m seeing the instances from safe spot at the back of the room, but also because I’m back to actually looking at the loot which drops, rather than hitting DE on anything which isn’t a trinket. So much of it is an upgrade, especially from the ICC instances.

Even things like stats are interesting me. The hit cap for mages is higher than the melee hit cap (even for Arcane spec picking up 6% for free) so it’ll be interesting to see how that manifests itself on gear. Then there’s spellpower vs crit vs haste – I suspect I’ll be keeping everything that looks useful and consulting Rawr for my best combinations. And reading Gnomeaggedon (even more).

4 thoughts on “Fun fun fun: playing a mage”

  1. Mmm, mages are delightful fun, not that I am biased or anything. It’s really very easy to attain hit cap with just a little t9 and some of easier to come by epics from ToC and the ICC 5’s. Too easy, one might say. They throw enough hit at you to drown ya in.

    As to the SP vs. crit vs. haste wrangle, not too long ago I would have said haste. But Vid, Psynister and Arcane Tinker Tank all gave me some excellent advice recently and I now prioritize SP > haste > crit. It’s been amazing. Good luck!

    1. Yes, I read that post — very useful it was too. I’m currently wearing 2pc t9 and a reasonable number of unsocketed 232 drops from heroic ICC instances (including the Arcane Loops of Anger neckpiece which dropped last night, yay) and carrying way too much hit as a result. As I bag up on badgers that will change, I’m sure.

  2. Hah! I hope I’m not self-centered enough to think “OMG they used the LFD tool…they’re copying me!” ;)

    I know you can’t have been following my example because you’re 80 already and I’m still 76! This has to be the slowest leveling I’ve ever done.

    But I’m so excited to read about another mage “growing up.” Alas is right, just so… I still have more hit with my 80 mage than I can shake a stick at. I think part of it might be because it’s often harder to win drops without hit – they’re often wanted by the healers, as well. Those arcane loops of anger are awesome for an arcane mage, hang onto ‘em! Any gear that has haste instead of hit is precious to me now, I even wear them over the 251 from Putricide. Congratulations on hitting 80 with another character! :D

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