Nice tanks

Sorry, that title was just a ruse to lure you in.  They were actually awful.

Originally, it was supposed to be a run where two of us (both DPSers) with recently-dinged 80s could scrape up some loot. Another guildie, a shadow priest who does fairly hefty DPS, was coming along, which was handy – he’d more than make up for us if we were a little weak. After some shuffling of characters we picked up a tank through the DF and zoned into Pit of Saron.

Tank the first said nothing on arrival, not even a “hello”, sprinted off the moment buffs were done and pulled a selection of giant skellys and drakes. We killed them, eventually, but I got squished by a loose skelly when ice block was on cooldown.

This set a pattern of the tank sprinting off and gathering unhelpful numbers of adds without waiting for looting, or mana breaks, or even the death of the previous adds. And I should be specific about “unhelpful numbers”: generally two or three mobs, so that single-target was the best option, but the tank was eating plenty of damage and keeping our healer unnecessarily busy with very little benefit.

When we got to Ick & Krick, having pulled the vomiting zombiethings in pairs (which made finding a clean spot to stand on no fun) he proceeded to pull the last zombiething and Krick at the same time. And then lose aggro on the zombiething so the healer and two of the DPS (including me) got randomly munched by it. It was then up to our shadowpriest guildie to keep the tank alive, dodge vomitballs and take down the boss. Which he managed. I was fairly impressed.

Next up, after rezzing and healing and re-mana-ing: the hill of doom. Hold up, where’s the tank?

Oh yes. While the rezzing and healing and mana-ing was taking place, he’d charged up the hill, accompanied by one dps. So we’ve got heals and two DPS at the bottom of the hill, tank+1dps at the top, and 10 mobs in between, including four of those irritating cc-one-and-burn-the-other flame/coldwraiths. Needless to say, we wiped hard after he charged down the hill. Then he dropped the group.

Back in the queue we went. We occupied the short wait by examining our previous tank’s behaviour and carefully considering the actions he should have taken, and how best one might communicate such information politely and helpfully. Or possibly spent five minutes calling him a prick, I can’t remember. Anyway, we soon found a new tank. See the conversation below -– the marking suggestion is from our retadin guildie.

Friendly, personable, GSOH
Friendly, personable, NS, GSOH.

Wonderful, isn’t it. Perhaps marking is overkill for HCs. I like it, but perhaps I’m just a noob. I do think that, if someone *asks* for marks, it’s probably helpful to apply them even if you don’t think it’s necessary.

Anyway, whilst he could have used another couple of ice ages at charm school, he was at least a capable tank. We made it to Tyrannus without incident, managed not to bug the instance and proved to Tyrannus that if you’re the proud owner of a skeletal flying dragon, it makes no sense to jump off to start a fight. Finally, our shadowpriest was able to pick up the Engraved Gargoyle Femur, and I was able to congratulate him (although I may have hurt my fingers whilst typing).

10 thoughts on “Nice tanks”

  1. *sigh*

    I don’t see why people are so against marking, especially in pugs – I mean, yes, of course DPS can target off the tank but if the tank is target-switching or the DPS aren’t quite on the case, why not give them a helpful killy skull?

    It takes no time and costs nothing.

  2. What treasures! Sort of makes you want to server transfer so you can be in their guilds, no?

    Okay, sarcasm off.

    I’m with Tam, though. It makes no sense to me that the tank should go to all the trouble of yelling about problems instead of simply marking the next pull beforehand. Everyone knows what a skull means. On the few occasions I subject people to my tanking, I might not mark anything unless it’s requested, but I am overly cautious in treating my mana users nicely. Funny thing is when I try to be polite they’re all standing there doing the “gogogogo” thing. There’s a reason I don’t have that pug pet yet.

  3. There’s good reason that whenever I see the loading screen for that place I think, “PoS…Awesome…” And the actual words I’m thinking may not coincide with the correct acronym. :)

    I’m sorry you had such a “winner.” It’s amazing how much impact a terrible tank can have on a group. I suppose a bad healer can be as damaging, although I don’t tend to run into those as much.

    1. Interesting. With the exception of AFKing, I don’t think *I’ve* ever thought “this healer sucks”.

      I wonder if that’s because healers are all uniformly awesome or because, as a DPS who reads a lot of healing/tanking blogs, my blame order (in decreasing likelihood of blame) is something like:

      1. Me
      2. The other DPS
      3. Hunter pets (even if there isn’t a hunter in the group)
      4. Lady RNG
      5. The tank
      6. An errant solar flare flipping a bit in my computer’s RAM
      7. The healer

      1. There are plenty of bad healers. But usually only the tank notices. Bad healing is ahrd to spot because good tanking and high gear scores (stam) all around hide bad healing. Bad tanking is impossible to hide.

  4. That’s rather… precious, actually. I guess you’re supposed to be mind readers. My baby tank has bound the skull and X to num pad keys so she can just toggle them as needed, switching primary targets on the fly if necessary.

    Hmm I see you’re in my battlegroup so now I’m wondering if I’ve ever met these tanks… probably not since I usually bring my own tank.

  5. @Jaedia
    I know it’s “quicker” but I actually *like* to take out the groups on the hill. It can be reasonably difficult I know, but it’s good to maybe do a little CC once in a while! I think I might be a freak though.

    Cunning plan (the keybindings). If you can bring your own tank though, that trumps all!

  6. While it is entirly right that the tank should mark and not bitch about being asked to mark… Any decent dps needs to know that some tanks can’t reach all the mobs. If you are hitting one, and the tank is not there, CHANGE TARGETS! Gah! Few things are so annoying than the rogues that think because their class is sneaky they should slink off to a corner some where far away and solo some thing that no one notices is there.

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