Raid Administrator Anorak, reduced

So my previously-mentioned experiment with raid organization has failed. Not in an exciting way. There has been no “who do you think you are, asking for my spec and capabilities, you never-raided-only-played-since-3.2-loladin?”. No “you didn’t pick me and now I will tear the world apart”. Not even “you suck and I don’t want to share gchat with you, much less raid with you”.

Nope. Instead I got … nothing. Zero response. The “go check the raid post in the forums” MotD was live for a day or so before being replaced with a “gz to X on reaching 80”. I tried spamming gchat with “interested in raiding – go visit our guild forum at xxxx for the raid signup thread” periodically and got … nada. Wowstead is currently not responding for me so I can’t double check, but the post had maybe 30 views last time I checked – and I’d be willing to bet that at least 20 of them were me looking to see if anyone had replied.

Ironically, just this past weekend I looked in the calendar to see a “raid night” entry for Wednesdays, created by another guildie. I was, momentarily, nonplussed. On closer inspection, this was to go look at lvl70 raids, and didn’t seem to have much in the way of signups. I’d *love* to go back and look at older raid content – but I’d prefer to do some level 80 raids first, or at least in parallel.

On Friday, there was a rather haphazard attempt at the weekly raid quest. A handful of guildies, a couple of PuGs and a couple of friends-of-the-guild. We had quite a few people (me included) who didn’t know the encounter at all.

First was a mildly irritating stop in Naxx to pick up a key. Mildly irritating because I went splat during the encounter, saw no combat rez incoming and so released, thinking I’d run back in. Only the door was locked. So I missed the end, and the achievement. I suppose that given I was a puddle on the floor, I probably don’t deserve it, but still. Raid achievement #2 continues to elude me.

Next, we variously flew and/or were summoned to EoE, whilst a couple of PuGged members pointed out in raid chat that if we didn’t know what we were doing here we were all going to wipe. They were right, as it turned out. I was frantically reading a strategy for Malygos and my confidence was dropping a sentence at a time. We zoned in. Some stuff happened (I’m not entirely sure what) and we wiped. Half of the raid promptly left the group – a reasonable response, I thought. So we gave up, and I went back to my mage alt, Centrella. More on her later.

So, it seems pretty clear now. If I’m to raid *at all*, I need to find a new guild for my main. Much as I enjoy running heroics and boosting alts/new players, and despite the considerable fun as I’m having with Centrella, I want to try raiding on my main. I’d like to at least do *some* of the level 80 content before it’s 5 levels behind me.

This does not make me happy.

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  1. Hey there. This is my first time commenting here, so hopefully I don’t come across like a jerk – it sometimes happens. But being a raid leader and GM myself, I thought it might be mildly helpful to pass on one tiny bit of advice.

    Herding cats, unfortunately, seems to call for a rather large dose of “You guys are going to do what I tell you,” rather than “So, give your opinions and I’d like to get this going.” What I mean is, don’t ask anything about who or what or when. Just throw something on the calendar and promote the hell out of it. People (in my guild at least) are extraordinarily lazy and will respond better to something they can handle within a few seconds in game rather than being forced to go to the forums. Sad, but true.

    Maybe this advice comes to late to be useful to you, in which case, I can ofter a virtual hug and/or handshake if you’re not into physical contact with strangers. And if I didn’t have the sneaking suspicion that you hail from the whole other side of the pond, I’d tell you to check us out. I like people who have good vocabularies and initiative.

    Hope you can work something out to where you’ll get to raid. It really is a fun part of the game!

    1. Firstly, totally not a jerk.

      Secondly, I think you might be right. The older content raid I mentioned went ahead with 9 or 10 people to start with, at least, solely thanks to a calendar entry and some promotion in guildchat. I’ve written a little about it in a follow-up post. Sadly I *am* on the eastern side of the big puddle but the thought is hugely appreciated.

      Also, I have no issue with virtual hugs from strangers.

  2. Hiya. First time commenting for me as well. Like Alas says, trying to get people to sign up on a forum or actually read the forum is hard enough in itself. Some people you just can’t get into the whole forum-thing. Trying the “you guys are going to do what i tell you” approach might work though, and just put something up on the calendar.

    i’d also like to invite you to check us out, we’re a nice bunch of peeps with a small core of raiders doing the end-game content 2x a week, we visit old raids (lvl 60/70) on the weekends for shits ‘n giggles (and rep) and we got a sizeable social member base to do stuff with. And i see you got some of our blogs in your blog roll already too (Blessing of Fish, View through the Branches, The Mended Drum (that’s me))

    1. Hi Riccah. It does look like the bludgeon approach can be pretty effective — clearly I need to read a few more leadership blogs if I want to try and organise people! Also, thanks for the viewing invitation — I’ll contact you directly.

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