Life interrupts

Just a quick advance warning. I’m heading off to beautiful Lisbon (yay!) to work on a conference (boo, hiss) for the next couple of weeks so there’ll be none of the usual insightful (ha!) content you all (HA!) come here for (HA*coughsplutter*!).

Just to keep the cobwebs off, I’ve taken a quick trawl through my screenshots folder and prepared a few of the least uninteresting/unappealing ones. They’ll go out as scheduled posts, with normal service [that’s enough of that “joke” — Ed] resuming some time after the 17th. There are also a couple of posts containing actual text, and potentially some thoughts I had on my way home from work today about the relationship between bloggers and comments/commenters, inspired by listening to TNB85 in which the old shared topic on this subject was mentioned. I’m so on the pulse.

Today’s special moment: walking down Oxford Street listening away and I hear that TNB have had an email from “theanorak”. Oh noes! Someone has my name! Quel désastre! Waitaminute…an email about audio format? Oohhhh, yeah, I remember writing that *blush*.

Finally: I’m experimenting with Feedburner. By which I mean I’ve set up a Feedburner account and used a plugin to redirect requests for the feed to the new URL transparently. In theory, everything should continue to  Just Work™ but if it turns out to be monstrously borked then I have no-one to blame but myself.

Até a vista!

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