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  • Screenshot post: Bear sailor?

    2010 - 05.25

    A last late post for Anea’s song-and-screenshot thread. Because I was having a look in the toyshop and the inspiration struck. If only the bears had dress whites.

    "If I could turn back time...if I could find a way..."

    EDIT: source reference…

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    6 Responses to “Screenshot post: Bear sailor?”

    1. Anea says:

      Ahahaha, I had somehow made it through life without having seen this video.

      “Sailor bears? What?


      Great reference :>

    2. Nowiamtree says:

      Darn, you need a full mageweave outfit and you can be our own little gnomish Cher!

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    4. Nowiamtree says:

      So, Colt is playing a medley of music, and it just so happens that Cher’s Turn Back Time pops up….and guess what immediately pops into my mind? Yep. That’s right.

      Centrella on a cannon…..

      Thanks Ano!!

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