Screenshot post: Fear and flying

Introducing Tremble, the Drenaei DK. He’s a bit nervy, bless — he prefers finance to fighting, and couldn’t wait to change out of his armour when he arrived in Stormwind. Not everyone he met was totally complimentary, mind, but Tremble was able to take a mature view. He didn’t sublimate his fear into catty remarks *at all*.

Tremble, the autophobic DK

These drakes are nice, aren’t they? They’re called ‘Thingie’ and ‘Wotsit’, although on reflection they could have been called Nathan and Francis. Or possibly Marco and Polo. You’d get that if you’d played Uncharted 2.

Wotsit and Thingie, head to head

8 thoughts on “Screenshot post: Fear and flying”

  1. I find Tremble oddly adorable. Like the sort of guy you would want to kiss just because he looks so vulnerable. And pimpin’ – don’t forget that.

    1. I suspect he would have preferred something a little more sober, but he’s a husky fellow and there’s a dearth of big’n’tall shops in Stormwind.

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