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  • Tech tip: Wowhead *everywhere*!

    2010 - 05.18

    UPDATED: Now with instructions for Chrome

    As I’ve been away for the past couple of weeks, I’ve nothing much new to talk about inside the World of Warcraft. No PuGs, no eccentric players, no discovery of new and exciting places. I’ve made no further progress on my raiding objective (do to some) or any of the things I can do to change that (although I’ll be looking into that later this week).

    Given that the only screenshot I have left in my emergency-brainlock-find-a-topic-to-post bank is of a bunch of people in Single Abstract Noun guildchat talking about hippos, which I’m not sure I should post, I’m going to post a guide to something you’ve probably already *found* a guide for. But hey — I’m behind the curve in the game, there’s no reason not to carry that on elsewhere, right? So, without further ado:

    How to have Wowhead tooltips in Google Reader (or everywhere!)
    First up, you need to be using Firefox. Or at least, for this tip to work as written you need to use Firefox. It may well be possible to do the same thing in Chrome [EDIT: It is possible to do the same thing in Chrome, see below], or in Safari, but I haven’t tested so YMMV.

    Anyway. Step one is to install Greasemonkey. Greasemonkey is an addon which “allows you to customise the way web pages display using small pieces of javascript”, which is something of an understatement. There are literally thousands of useful scripts in the repository Userscripts.org that you can check out,¬† but the one we’re interested in is called Wowhead Google Reader. Click the install button.

    With both Greasemonkey and Wowhead Google Reader installed, and after the requisite Firefox restarts, you should find that Wowhead links in posts you’re reading in Google Reader do the same tooltip magic that self-hosted blogs are able to do by adding the wowhead script to their site. Ace!

    BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE! Yes, with a little tweak, you can have Wowhead tips on WordPress.com and Blogspot.com sites too. Shiny!

    How? Easy. In Firefox, go to Tools > Greasemonkey > Manage User Scripts. You’ll see a dialog box. Click the “add” button by the Included Pages box and type in the WordPress and Blogspot URLs as shown below, and you should also see live Wowhead tooltips on those blogs too. In theory, you could do this for any site, although I’m not sure what would happen if you enabled it on a site which already had the Wowhead script running natively.

    Wowhead tooltips for Blogspot.com and WordPress.com

    Wowhead tooltips for Blogspot.com and WordPress.com

    EDIT: Instructions for Chrome
    To have the basic “tooltips in Reader” experience, you just need to visit¬†the Wowhead Google Reader page on Userscripts and click install, then follow the prompts. The script will install as a Chrome Extension and you’re done. Unfortunately there doesn’t appear to be an easy interface to set which sites the script applied to, but you can edit the script yourself.

    Go to the userscript page as before, but this time right-click>Save as the Install button to save a copy of the script to your desktop. Open it in a handy text editor (Notepad, Gedit, whatever). It’s a short script, and you just need to add two lines to the header so that what was

    // @description    This script adds wowhead power to google reader
    // @include        https://www.google.com/reader/view/*
    // @include 	   http://www.google.com/reader/view/*
    // @version        0.3
    [more stuff]


    // @description    This script adds wowhead power to google reader
    // @include        https://www.google.com/reader/view/*
    // @include 	   http://www.google.com/reader/view/*
    // @include	   http://*.wordpress.com/*
    // @include	   http://*.blogspot.com/*
    // @version        0.3
    [more stuff]

    Save the altered file (which has a .js extension). Then drag and drop the extension file into a new blank tab in Chrome, and you’ll get the regular extension install message — say yes, and you’re done!

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    3 Responses to “Tech tip: Wowhead *everywhere*!”

    1. Thomas Jespersen says:

      Chrome supports Greasemonkey scripts out of the box. Just install like a normal Chrome extension. However the Options button is greyed out and I am not sure how to edit to support more sites.

      • theanorak says:

        Good catch — goes to show that was merely a cursory search for “Greasemonkey Chrome”. The good news is a) it works, and b) it’s easy to amend to work for WordPress.com/Blogspot.com. I’ve edited the post above.

        • Thomas Jespersen says:

          Thanks. I went ahead and added “// @include http://*” as I assume that will apply to all sites. I did a short test on the wowhead site itself and there seems to be no problems so I assume no problems with any sites that are already “powered by wowhead”.

          I also tested on a few non-wow related sites and there seems to be no bad sideeffects to include it on those as well.

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