Having cleared the way on Monday evening, last night our merry band of adventurers went to play with a poor, sickly dragon in need of help. And it was … weird.

Even more so than usual, I was mostly running about like a headless chicken. “Blazing Skeleton on the left”, run run run thump. “Suppressors, right”, trundle trundle thwack. As a pure adds fight for DPS, the only time I looked at Valithria was in the odd gap where I threw a Holy Light or used Lay on Hands on her, and on reflection I’m not sure that was a great idea. For future encounters, I think ignoring Valithria and using any gaps in the adds to top up members of the “outside” team would be a better plan. Primarily, it was very strange not to be glance at my target frame periodically for a quick check on our progress. It seems I pay more attention to that than I’d thought, normally, and it felt most peculiar when I couldn’t do that.

Anyway, after a couple of attempts our awesome healers managed to fix her ailments but it came as something of a surprise, to me at least. Not long before the finale, one of the two healers assigned to dragonbandaging keeled over and given that there didn’t seem to be a combat rez in the offing, I assumed we were headed for another wipe, although a “better” wipe as we’d made it past her “nearly there, loves” emote. Then we were done, the dragon was up (and then gone before I could even get my head around the idea of taking a screenshot) and the fallen were back on their feet. I wouldn’t say it was anticlimactic, but there didn’t seem to be the same instantaneous collective roar that we had for the Putricide kill, possibly because we weren’t all able to see her health inching closer and closer to full.  Anyway, another success in ICC! \o/

ASIDE: For those focused on healing the dragon, it must make for a pleasant change to do some flying about, then nuke heal like crazy on a single target — to be able to look about a bit (I presume) instead of spending so much time focused on Vudho.

Things need to remember/do next time:

  1. Find a way to put Val’s health up on screen somewhere so I can see what’s going on — purely for selfish reasons. Focus target? DBM?
  2. Don’t bother trying to heal Val in the downtime moments — either heal members of the DPS team or reposition.
  3. Check to see if repentance works on any of the adds. It probably doesn’t, but check anyway
  4. Fix my UI so I can make better use of not-hitting-stuff abilities when useful. I was trying to use Cleanse and Divine…er…thingy as appropriate but I don’t think I was terribly effective with it.
This isn't my UI, but it's nearly as bad.

Point 4 is the big one. I’ve resisted the urge to customise my UI thus far, beyond sticking a few addons on it, but I might have to bite the bullet plus replace Healbot with Vudho while I’m on, as it’s most definitely the raidframe weapon of choice among the enthusiasts. I’ve seen many appealing UIs here and there, but the one time I made a start I installed Bartender (I think), freaked out when I logged in to find buttons scattered everywhere and promptly uninstalled it. Since then I’ve preferred spending time playing WoW to playing with WoW.

More on UIs after I’ve made a start on making mine.


10 thoughts on “Dreamwalking”

    1. Thanks! I’m actually looking forward to doing it again, but a) switching recount over to HPS mode to watch our heal team turn into monsters and b) having a nice big focus target/health indicator for Val somewhere prominent so I can watch it happen.

  1. DPS not paying full attention, huh? ;)
    On that last attempt we decided to swap healers, so Tam (who went down as we let the zombie chew him) was on raid and Alq (who wisely kept on healing rather than stopping to rez) was on the dwaggie.

    But yes, I’d say part of the non-climactic can be attributed to most of us not actually being able to see her health but particularly near the end bit just going “oh god oh god, skeletons, zombies, mages, supressors, abominations, we’re going to die, we’re going to die, oh god oh god … oh wait, we won”, which raises the question just how often healers experience the end of a fight in a very similar way.

    Another part is possibly the exponential heal throughput increase, so that you spend something like 4 minutes laboriously waiting for her to creep from 50% to 80%, so that when she goes “press on!” at 75% you invariably think “what, that’s just half way? this is going crazy already, no way we’ll make it!”, and then the last 10% blast through in what felt like 10 seconds and you’re left there with a sudden “oh, wait, what? Ah. Okay”.

    1. Actually, you’ve got it, Rem. I ALWAYS have that…”what, wait…we’ve done it?” feeling. Valithria was probably the first where I experienced it otherwise.

  2. Congratulations on your Valithria… kill.. eh.. rescue?

    I think it’s a pretty cool fight. Maybe mainly because it’s one of the few times I might get to switch from tanking to dpsing *lol* (One tank can handle the adds fine)

    We’re abusing our Holy Paladin completely in this fight. We send him into the portals all by his lonesome. It’s pretty cool to watch though, because he gets all of the orbs and keeps rolling the stacks, never letting them wear off. Towards the end he’s chucking out 100k heals *lol* (I keep whining that he should always chuck out heals like that – then I’d never die.. but he refuses.. pff!) Sometimes if we have a disc priest in the raid he’ll give him power infusion towards the end too. If you do have Valithria as your focus target it’s really neat to see the health go SWOOSH! :)

    1. Thanks! And yes, our holy paladin did appear to pushing out a frankly absurd amount of healing. I guess this is the holy paladin dream fight — no matter how hard you try, there’s no such thing as “overheal”.

  3. I do just set the dwagon as my focus target to see her health, and apply focus macros.

    My role in the group as our only melee dps (usually) is to focus on the blazing thingies then the arch mage things, then everything else. Lots of running round :)

    I haven’t tried repentence either, so no help there sorry :)

    If I want to throw my insta heals onto the dwagon, I just set up a quickie macro and put it somewhere obvious with just a /target /cast sequence

    I never use either of my bubbles, because a quick LoH near the end of the fight has been the difference between us winning and losing :P

    The thing I have to remind myself to use in this fight is Holy Wrath :)

    Also a Vuhdo convert here :)

    Sounds like you’re doing really well though :)

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