*pant* *wheeze* *disconnect*

Phew. Sindragosa is tough.

Yesterday we took down the disco boys and their queen, and gave the good professor a quick shoeing for good measure. Tonight we wiped on Sindragosa, a lot. Phase one (after a little warm up) was no problem — we were running and hiding and icebreaking like champions. Then phase two kicked in, and we died. Lots.

It must be said, before a tank DC effectively ended our night half an hour or so early we had at least come up with something which looked like a possible plan, and made it as far as 20%. But that fight is hard. Pleasingly (for me at least), even after an entire night being killed by the same raidboss, I’m still enthused, and still confident we’ll get her.


On the subject of disconnects, tonight is apparently patch 3.3.5 release night in Europe, so servers were shut down at 12pm Paris time. I’ve been fiddling with Prat and hadn’t re-enabled chatlogging so I can’t post a snippet, but the hysteria and general craziness in /2 and /1 were a sight to behold in the final few moments. Downtime is like a full moon, evidently, in that it brings out the crazies.


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