This time, it’s *not* personal

I’ve realised, or perhaps just internalised, the awful truth that in a raid no performance is truly personal. Particularly in 10s, one person having a great night (or a terrible night) can be the difference between jubilation and frustration for the whole group.

Last Tuesday (a week ago today), we faced Professor Putricide. Or “that bastard”, as he may have been called a few times. The previous day, we’d cleared up to Putricide with a minimum of fuss (a couple of attempts on Saurfang before we found a way to apply enough CC but otherwise smooth sailing) and taken a quick look at the Prof, purely so new folks like me could get a feel for the fight. Tuesday was to be the serious attempts — for a given value of “serious”. I suspect even the most stern-faced progression raider would have to stifle a snigger when the offtank is transformed into a monstrosity and spends half his time eating goo scraped off the ground. We’re not a stern-faced progression guild, so we had a healthy number of hilarity outbreaks. Because “goo” and “poo” are pretty much the same word, right?

It took us until our stated “last go before we break for the shutdown” before everything came together — no adds up during the phase transitions, the Prof dosed with Imodium and the “poo hoover” on maximum suction – but he went down with all ten of us on our feet, baying in Vent like savages. My first experience of really working hard to complete an encounter and succeeding. It was incredibly rewarding. \o/

Before that noisy climax, there were 10 unsuccessful attempts. We wiped a couple of times because the prof appeared to spring a leak and covered the room in poo goo in spite of our valiant vacuum’s constant efforts. We wiped from bad luck – goo puddles dropped onto a freshly-frozen green ooze target, players stacked on ooze targets who were thrown into goo puddles by the knockback. We wiped because of unfortunate timing – unexpected add spawns during the phase transition when we weren’t positioned well.

I think he sprung a leak on this attempt

During the better of these unsuccessful attempts (and during the successful run, I think) one of the distinguishing factors seemed to be our management of the adds, and how quickly we were able to kill them. The faster the oozes die, the quicker the goo-slurping can continue, keeping the deadly floor clear. In the case of the green ooze, failing to kill it before it reaches its target means a chunk of raidwide damage and a no-fun-at-all knockback too. In that situation, every bit of extra DPS is useful.

Nothing you didn’t know, right? But here’s what it means for me.

To the pughouse, to the pughouse
I need to be to joining (or at least trying to join) PuG raids on VoA, the weekly and possibly even ICC-25: primarily for practice and to boost my collection of frosty badgers but also to potentially snag some gear upgrades. Preferably BEFORE I buy the selfsame items from badger vendors.

Don’t get me wrong – I’ve not been summoned to a quiet room by an officer and told to gear up, buck up or get out [yet ;)]. If there are “Oh sweetie, look what he’s WEARING! Those boots are *so* last patch. And will someone show that man how to accessorise…” conversations happening, then they’re happening where I can’t see them. But I’ve looked at the logs for the fight, and I placed dead last in the meaningful metrics for damage dealers. And not “dead last, but doing 9k so who cares” either. Just … last.

Given that I have no useful abilities to bring other than my ability to hit stuff, this is something that needs to change. So. I guess it’s time to get to grips with the LFR browser and to start watching the LFG (and trade, sigh) channels in the desperate hope of finding a raid which doesn’t require a Kingslayer title, 5800GS, or achievements I don’t have yet. I also need to plug my gear numbers into one of the various retadin spreadsheets, as according to Rawr I’d be far better off swapping my ICC belt for the Bent Gold Belt which Ick drops. And I’m struggling with that notion, even if crit and haste are more valuable to a paladin.


The last time I poured out a woe-is-me post, nice things happened. Perhaps the same thing will happen here! Or perhaps I’ll provide some we-pugged-this-noob-last-night stories for other bloggers. Who knows. But it won’t be too long before I find out, I guess.

FOOTNOTE: had a column called Pimp My Profile which invited players to send an armoury link and the relevant folks on staff would offer gear, gem, enchant and rotation advice. This would be lots more fun if it was done in a bitchy, camp style – sort of Trinny & Suzannah* crossed with Gok Wan (or whoever the current make-someone-feel-like-shit-before-telling-them-what-to-do presenters of makeover shows are), with a bit of Gordon Ramsey swearing thrown in for good measure.

4 thoughts on “This time, it’s *not* personal”

  1. *grabs* We’re not letting you get away! You were part of that run, says something about your performance being good! Someone has to come last on the meters – healing, if you check the logs, it’s always me, but right now it makes me strive to do better, look at where I may be going wrong, and keeps me on my toes. Yes, quite often I feel shame that my healing isn’t as good as others, but as long as no one dies, and I’m doing my job and keep attempting to do better, then I guess it’s good.

  2. If you want a hand with pimping I don’t mind giving you a helping hand. For some reason one the biggest things I enjoy in wow is gearing and if I’m not doing that – helping others with their gearing and gear planning.

    I’m more or less up on most classes due to to handling our guild applications, and I’ve been recently gathering ret gear on my holy pally. I’m almost done with my holy for slackers guide too!

    1. All tips and suggestions greatfully received, although a recent burst of frost badgers from Lol Ahune and a few lucky drops in our ICC10 runs have made things a little less desperate than before. I’m easily found on the armory as I’m the only “me” — although currently it’s convinced I logged out in my motley Holy gear. Actually, I’ll look forward to your holy-for-slackers guide with great interest, as I’ve recently had vague thoughts of attempting to do something with my my holy offspec other than rue the waste of gold and badges!

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