Headless doll

Finally, you horrible dragon you.

So having one-shot Valithria we spent the rest of Monday night wiping on Sindy again. This time though, rather than collapsing in a puddle more-or-less immediately after the phase transition at 35%, we were getting some decent progress in the final phase, with a number of sub-10% runs and a heartbreaking 2% wipe (gah!)

Last night we set up camp in Sindragosa’s lair and went to try again. And we did it!

The noise on vent was … well, it was loud. For me this is pretty much the first long-sought kill and it felt *good*. When we first ended the vile Professor’s crazy experiments a few weeks back, while it was a kill the guild had been working on for a while (I think), it was only my second night with him — including the night where we cleared the preceding bosses and had a quick couple of familiarisation runs. I’d yet to experience the “joy” of spending an entire night not-quite-managing to succeed until with got to Sindragosa. We’ve been working on her for a little while now on and off, albeit in part because some lineup changes left us struggling for a bit. And now she’s dead. HA!

I could, of course, attribute our success to the infamous buff. I could attribute it to the return of our not-emo-honest healy shaman (*wink*). I could attribute it to the return of our OP hunter who had “gone tree for the team” for Monday’s session. Instead, I’m going to attribute it to a song.

Earlier in the day I’d reminded myself of the Lambton Worm. And I’d even gone so far as to remind the raid of the story. Short version: A dragon had takes up residence on the estate of John Lambton causing havoc and proving quite unkillable. On his return from the crusades, he employs his skill and a little occult assistance (a buff!) to slay the worm. Unfortunately, he fails to follow the instructions properly and his family line is then cursed for nine generations and  to not die in their beds. As a group, we decided that there were attractive alternatives to “dying in our beds” — dying in other people’s being just one potentially interesting option — and resolved to kill the Wyrm, Sindragosa. Whether the bed thing happens is something we’ll hopefully not find out for a good long while.

After the screaming had died down and the shaky fingers were back under control we toodled back to the plague quarter to see what energy we had left. In the remaining hour or so we cleared Festergut, Rotface, the nutty Professor and finished up grabbing The Orb Whisperer from the Blood Princes.

But the worm got fat an’ grewed an’ grewed,
An’ grewed an aaful size;
He’d greet big teeth, a greet big gob,
An greet big goggly eyes.

Aye, pet — that sounds close enough.

10 thoughts on “Headless doll”

  1. Way to go with the Sindy kill! I’ll admit it was with some apprehension that I read this post, given the terrible self-imposed injury you suffered a while back. ;)

    1. Thanks!

      Rest assured, if there was an “auto-decapitate” button I’d most likely have found it and pressed it by now, but the devs must have seen me coming and patched that out early.

  2. Clearly you are missing the “real” key element that got you the kill.

    Having not been raiding for a little while in ICC, this was:

    1) my first attempt at Sindy
    2) my second attempt at Fester
    3) my first attempt at Rotface
    4) my first attempt at the proff
    5) my first attempt at the bloody boys

    hence, the math proves:

    Bax = Raid win

    *now i’m going to go pop by rather overly bloated head*

    Twas an awesome night, and imo a great group effort!

  3. Congrats on the kill! I’m right there with you on those heartbreaking 2% wipes.

    /shakes fist at skies dramatically

    Next time, Sindy! Next time!

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