Playing with others (‘ balls)

I girded my loins, took the plunge, consulted a cliché dictionary and bit the bullet, and joined some total strangers to tackle raid content. That’s right, I took Centrella pugging. Centrella, the gnomish hybrid of Cher and Princess Leia. Centrella, who has precisely *zero* raiding achievements.

Centrella, who will hate me for reposting this picture.

I was pleasantly surprised, actually. Firstly, I was surprised to be able to join a group at all. For all three runs I saw a “LF ranged DPS for X”-type message curiously absent a “min 6.2GS, link achiv” suffix, sent a quick “I’m up for that” message and was promptly invited. I mean, ok, it wasn’t like it was ICC hardmodes or anything, it was a couple of VoA runs and the weekly (Razorscale) but still.

Secondly, I was pleasantly surprised that people were all generally polite (if a little impatient) and there was none of the “OMG joo fail” when things went a little wrong, just a simple “oops, sorry” followed by “meh, it happens ;)” and carry on. Stark contrast to some previous experiences.

The weekly run was fun — Flame Lev was straightforward handled and although we had an unlucky wipe caused by a healed lagging out in patch of fire on Razorscale, the second attempt was smooth Cent was able to pick up both [Shutout] and  [A Quick Shave]. The VoA runs were also comfortable, although I did manage to pull aggro on the trash before Toravon —  I blame Omen and the periodic “I’m not going to show you any threat info for this fight” bug I seem to get.  Even better, I was the only mage in the group when the Bloodmage Gloves dropped, leaving me with two more frosty badgers required for 2pc T10. Woot!

This post over at Pew Pew Lazerz thankfully reminded what to do with the “frozen orbs”, and also reminded me to check recount afterward. Upshot: much the same, but smaller numbers. Forewarned, I did 1/3 of my damage to the balls  and felt smugly self-satisfied in a most unattractive way.

Just in case you’ve never thought about it, here’s the mage-eye view of the Toravon fight: Buff, pew-pew-pew-owait-i-have-to-kill-frozen-balls-pew-pew-balls-pew-pew-balls-pew-pew-balls-pew-pew-pew lootz.

As luck would have it, earlier in the evening Ano had spent some more time wiping on Halion. And watching purple balls. This got me thinking about fight mechanics and Blizzard’s evident testicular obsession. Herewith a quick rundown of some encounters I have personally experienced:

Any more?

Balls, balls, balls. Between this, encounters like Rotface, and the proposed /flirt emotes for goblins (Ever rode a rocket before? Mine’s huge and He asked me to go up on him for example), you could tell me that the design department have an average age of 12 and I’d be relatively unsurprised.



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