Screenshot post: Hippy

I didn’t know it, but it turns out that Ano is actually a bit of a flower child. So it’s no surprise he really likes the entrance to the Ruby Sanctum…

Peas and love
Peas and love
More peas, dear?
More peas, dear?

It’s hard, being a picky eater, but sometimes you’ve just got to say “no” to food contaminants.

Waiter, I'm not sure I ordered the gnome savoury...
Waiter, I'm not sure I ordered the gnome savoury...

And finally, a moment of shamelessness. Centrella had *another* good night in a PuG. A random ICC 10 group got her…

…plus the Icecrown Spire Sandals *and* the Scourgelord’s Baton which, once I find something better than Seethe to pair it with, should do nicely. She’s becoming promiscuous!

5 thoughts on “Screenshot post: Hippy”

  1. Hmm, what’s worse? Gnome in the fish or giant lazer chicken in the fish?

    Grats on the achievements and the loot. Good luck on that main hand thing. I’ve finally resigned myself to sticking with Abracadaver.

    1. Gnome or chicken? I guess it depends on whether you can add some rice and call it a paella or not. You’d have to pluck the chicken first. Wait. ARGH. Naked boomkin! *eyebleach*

      Abracadaver looks pretty good to me – it’s what our mainspec mage uses anyway, and he doesn’t do too badly ;)

    1. Hehe, thanks. Although I seem to recall that you’re doing pugs/random friend runs in hard modes *boggle*

      I’m firmly in the grip of the “This raiding lark is great. MOAR PLX!” feeling but I’m also feeling a bit less noobish and perma-confused, which is what’s letting me take Cent out for random puggyness. Actually, I’m probably at the most dangerous point right now — I think I know what I’m doing but I keep forgetting/confusing things with potentially hilarious results *points at DI posts below*.

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