The *real* interview with Jaina Proudmoore

Over at the Noisy Rogue, Adam has posted an interview with Jaina Proudmoore.

I’m not sure why (I can only assume that Alliance PR threatened to pull their advertising) but the interview he published bears only superficial resemblance to the transcript provided to MB by a confidential source, moments ago.

In the interests of journalistic integrity, it is presented unedited.

[Host]: Good evening once again, and welcome to our continuing series of interviews with some of the major and minor players of Azeroth. Tonight it is my great pleasure to welcome the renouned sorceresses, leader of Theramore Isle, and demon hater, Jaina Proudmore. Jaina, welcome to the show.

[Jaina]: *quiet sobbing*

[Host]: So Jaina, you have a reputation as being a bit of an emo bitch. How do you respond to that?

[Jaina]: *waaaaaaaaaiiill* *more sobbing*

[Host]: Fair enough. So, you rule in Theramore Isle … how is that?

[Jaina]: *sobs* Hooooooooonnnk. *snivel*

[Host]: Urgh. Er, can we get some Kleenex in here, please? No, wait, don’t cry on me, you’re all sticky.

[Jaina]: *wail* *cry* *whine*

[Host]: That’s it, I’ve had enough. I’ve accepted a job on  KTV3, presenting a youth show called “Dude, that’s my candle”. Screw this and screw you. *exeunt*

[Jaina]: *sobbing*

[Director]: Cuuuuuuut! Ok, set up a meeting with PR, Legal and the writing team. We’ll need to get this out ASAP. Can someone portal her home? And fetch a mop, that puddle’s a safety hazard


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7 thoughts on “The *real* interview with Jaina Proudmoore”

    1. I’m sorry Adam, but protecting the identity of sources is a cornerstone of everything we do here at MB and it would totally impossible for me to expose our source.

      ACC 444307721, SN 22-10-97, IBAN 111652000-009. 20k. And the biscuit.

    1. KTV3, Thursdays at 9.30. It’s on straight after “Dippers”, the #1 fly-on-the-wall documentary bringing you the shocking truth about life in the waxworks.

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