Dancing with the King

Last night was another good night in the icecream shop.

It would be fair to say we powered through the earlier bosses — one-shot kills for everyone from Saurfang (where we started) up to Sindragosa. And, with the possible exception of the Blood Princes (where I definitely managed to amble into a few vortexes like a total idiot) we generally seemed on top of things throughout.

Sindy, of course, is not quite such a generous soul, and so it took an extravagant four attempts to pacify her. Four! All of this clearing meant that, for the first time, we were able to say to ol’ Lichy. This made us quite excited!

He's just so cuddly

So, we had a couple of “seasoning” prods at him. By “seasoning” I mean that although most people had casually read a strategy at some point, none of us had done so recently as we weren’t expecting to have a serious go. So, we did lots wrong. We tanked him in the middle of the circular area. We dpsed the big scary things. We didn’t move the disease-y thing onto said big scary things(?). We had piles of ghouls everywhere. Somehow, we still hit the first phase transition in pretty good shape. Of course, we all failed to move to the edge and got instagibbed by remorseless winter. You live and learn (and maybe read up on the strat for next time).

Because all life is balance, there couldn’t be so much good without a little bad. We had two kinds of bad.

Bad number one was that we downed eight bosses, and probably got 5 pieces of useful loot. Tons of mail dropped, most of it +int, +ap. Even with not-one-but-two shamules (wth is the plural of “shaman”?) in the raid, none of it was useful. Personally, I snagged a new ring and a cloth belt no-one wanted to replace the crappy 219 belt in my healing set, but still.

Bad number two (the big bad) is that one of our primary tanks is now unavailable on one of our primary raid nights for … the foreseeable future. Noooooo. *sobs*


Anyway. To finish on a smile: as mentioned before, the previous time we killed Sindy (/flex), we went on to clear the plague quarter and finished by downing the Blood Princes. I have a horrible feeling *I* suggested what followed. Well, there are lights, and glitterballs and — c’mon, it’s a disco.

Boogie knights

So we danced.

7 thoughts on “Dancing with the King”

  1. Wow, our guilds could be twins :p Also powered through Sindy last night (We’d been wiping on her for ages, suddenly just fell into place and got her on the second pull) and are now facing LK with very little in the way of experience in him. We managed to get phase 1 down smoothly though, although some got confused as to what got dropped where. Phase 2 started looking strong till he nicely reset himself.
    Now I’m off for a week and I’m the maintank, with no-one to actually replace me (Hindsight, should have recruited a backup tank).


    if you asked me last week if I would see the LK anytime soon, I’d have said, “no, fool, it’s simply just not that easy”.

    Now, before my head explodes with delight, I may change that quote, however with the loss of our tanky, I may be getting ahead of maself.


  3. 4 tries?? Wow, when we took her down last week it was at least…I want to say 8-10. Stupid dragon.

    We also had some exploratory attempts at LK that went about as well as yours! However we have a little advantage in that our raid leader has a character in one of our server’s main raiding guilds, who regularly does heroic LK attempts and achievement kills, etc. So he’s well-versed in the LK fight and can tell us when to move, what to DPS, etc.

    Here’s looking forward to mutual future success and the inevitable slaying of Arthas!

    1. *raises glass* I’ll drink to that!

      To be completely fair, it did take us a load of tries last week before we finally got her down for the first time. This week, we were really going well though, and I think everyone had the same “we’ve killed her once, we can DEFINITELY do it again” attitude which meant no panicking. For us at least, the key is lots of communication — “argh, 7 stacks of buffet, heeeelp”, “instability, healthetank healthetank healthetank”, “frost beacon on me, going to the head” etc. Seemed to make a massive difference.

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