It could end here

…and that would be enough.

Well no, not really. But I’m really quite absurdly pleased about these pics. Just don’t ask anyone what I was doing during the fight. Please.

EDIT: My ever-supportive GL suggested I should have titled this post “Ano goes down”. Frankly, I wish I’d thought of that. Even if it does rank alongside “Hot elf-on-elf action” as a title simply trolling for pageviews. I’m not proud (you probably noticed).

The Pinnacle, part one: ultimate mysterious button
The Pinnacle, part two: ultimate mysterious button

6 thoughts on “It could end here”

    1. I’d need to learn to dodge the %^&*%^&% mines first.

      I’ve heard the hardmode described as “like the normal mode: but on fire”. One day when we’re feeling brave…

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