New old encounters

Lich King 22%. Five raiders and friends leave. Don’t want to write about that :(

I’ve never done a complete run of Naxxramas. By the time I was levelled and had joined a raiding guild, some people were already complaining there wasn’t anything to do in ICC. Excepting the odd weekly quest to kill Patchwerk or Noth, I’ve not seen the sights.

With further work on Mr. Arthas suspended for a bit, I got home late-ish last night to find that, after doing the weekly (Patchwerk), a few folks were carrying on with Naxx, taking a guildie who hadn’t raided before on an exploratory mission. I joined in.

It’s a funny place, Naxxramas. Visually, it really shows its age, particularly when you look at the special effects in Icecrown, or the lushness of Ulduar. It’s also seems to be rather oddly sized – some rooms feel wildly oversized with 10 people (well, 8 or 9 actually) and others feel like they’d be cramped with 25. Perhaps that’s a result of it being ported from vanilla WoW, I’m not sure. It’s odd though — I don’t remember Molten Core feeling oddly sized when I ran through it a few months back, and my recollection is that it was a bit more grand. Perhaps I’m just remembering the corehound room and the big guy at the end, and forgetting everything else.

Not too long ago, in a casual conversation in Vent, the notion of running 25man Naxx with 12-15 people came up as something to do, perhaps on our next “progression break” or fun night. I almost wish I’d waited to do just that – even though last night was fun, and new content for two of us, and even dropped some pieces of useful loot for some fairly fresh alts in the group (including Loatheb’s Shadow, a trinket more-or-less identical to the Mirror of Truth that I’m *still* using in partnership with the HWT, thanks to the capricious ways of the ladies Deathwhisper and RNG). Unfortunately, having a few current-tier raid-geared folks in the group bypasses so many mechanics.

Take Noth, for example. Poor old Noth. As he shows up as a weekly raid quest boss, I’ve now killed him 3 times. Apparently he has a curse which was bad news (can’t say I’ve noticed), and a whole second phase. I’ve never seen the second phase. He’s died well inside the 110 second timer. Don’t get me wrong, I like a good zerging. In fact, I’d like to *do* a good zerging, and get the Sarth 3d achievement I still don’t have. But still. You have to feel for these poor old bosses, once so powerful.

Oh well. I’m not about to run raid content pantsless just to put a (temporary) smile on the face of a fallen mage – that sounds like the sort of thing an uncouth warrior might do. Those guided by the light should be able to see well enough to find their trousers in the morning.

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