The blessed character

Update: Not worth a separate post by any means, but today, Cent finally found a space in  a good ICC group with a very friendly guild who needed a couple of people for what I  think might have been an alt run. Not only did she pick up a haul of frosty badgers for the weekly raid quest and the weekly ICC raid quest, but she won the Frost Needle, Muradin’s Spyglass, and the Sister’s Handshrouds (which no-one wanted but Cent may use if she gets the T10 hat). Even Abracadaver dropped, but by this time I was feeling so guilty I passed on it so it could go to a healer who was going to use it for both dps AND healing. The only thing she didn’t win was the Soulcleave Pendant. Cent rolled 2. The winner rolled 3.

Does one of your characters have unnatural loot-luck, good or bad?

Centrella does. It’s very strange. With Ano-the-paladin in good shape, the pressure is off slightly when it comes to badge gear for him. Of course, there are still upgrades available from Frost emblems (oh how I wish I’d done more reading before buying the strength cloak, for example) and little items like BRACERS that continue to elude me, but for the most part they’re relatively minor. I could, of course, try to get tier gear for my holy spec, but the unwanted spellpower plate I scrape up from ICC runs, plus the occasional bit of mail or cloth (Ano is happy if his extremities are covered — squabbling over the material seems petty) has left him pretty capable. Seemingly capable enough of dealing with the ICC 5mans, anyway, which is enough for me I think. Of course, I’m still running daily HCs and doing the weekly when I can, but I’ve been a little more focused on gearing up Cent.

Cent, as I say, has phenomenal loot-luck. I mentioned in a previous post how (in her first ever VoA run) she snagged the T10 mage gloves and was quickly able to buy the chest, then picked up an offhand and some nice boots in her first-ever ICC run. Initially I had planned to continue with the staff she was using, but having re-examined the stats in the light of simple calculator-based evidence, Cent is happily using Seethe and the baton as her MH/OH combo. I hate it when he’s right ;).

Anyway, after that she got me very drunk. At least, I think she got me drunk. It’s the only explanation I can think of for waking up with a hangover one morning and discovering that Ano had inexplicably bought the exceedingly nice i245 crafted cloth bracers for 2,000 gold. Ano who is *still* wearing the i232 Malykriss Vambraces *grumble* and waiting for Valithria to cough up a tiger. He passed them on to Cent, naturally — what a gent.

Last week, in her third-ever VoA run, the T10 legs dropped and she was once again the only mage in the group. Then she did the weekly (Sartharion) and won both the Dragon Hide Bag and the old i200 mage gloves. A complicated series of events which involved joining a raid-in-progress and a just-after-the-daily-reset HC run and she was able to pick up the T10 shoulders too, completing her tier 10 set. If I could send her out for lottery tickets, I would.

Oh, and as wonderful as the set bonuses are, and the increased stats, the finest thing about Cent’s tier 10 set? It means she’s not wearing the $%&@-ing tier 9 shoulders anymore.

She’s got a neck again.

4 thoughts on “The blessed character”

  1. Yes, and thankfully that character is now my main! In TBC, when I first got her to 70, she had immense loot luck. When she hit 80, she had the same thing. When I came back to her after a brief phase of being a Hunter, the exact same thing happened. I received 5 items from 2 ICC 25 pugs (the kind that only kill 4 bosses). Not bad, eh? Trinkets always elude me mind, always.

  2. I have a big mixture – but most of the time all of my characters are extremely unlucky. I had one really nice ICC25 run with my Hunter – but other than that my characters seem to either not get the drops, or lose the roll against others.

    One of the unluckiest – or just simply annoying – losses I had was on my Pally tank in Halls of Reflection. She desperately needs a new tank neck and it dropped – and she lost it to a DPS Warrior. It was probably 2 months ago and I’m still angry about it :P

    I think I tend to fall on the unlucky side though with most characters. Except for that one time in ICC25 I never seem to get the drops I want. Share your luck please? ;)

    1. I’ll have a word with Cent, but I can’t promise anything — she’s thus far refused to help Ano with his trinket. Perhaps she just doesn’t like him ;)

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