Do I need to write much more?

Oh, ok then. At about half past midnight, on try number… 17? maybe, we made it. With the patch preloading, and various guildies about to be unavailable for a while, it looked like we had one last night. We tried hard. We didn’t make it. We were soooo close, but a couple of the raid team had to go to bed. But wait — there are two more guildies just idling in Dala? Should we? Could we? Bring them in?

We could. We should. We did. It worked.


21 thoughts on “Kingslayer”

  1. I am SO proud of you guys and will forever bite my behind for having to go to bed for such a stupid thing as work the next day. ;-))) HUGE Congrats and hugs and CAKE!!! With lots and lots of chocolate!

    1. Hehe, thanks!

      We were under the hammer a little, as a number of the team are unavailable for the next week or so, and who knows exactly when the mechanics patch will drop. I know I had a vague “this might be our last opportunity!” feeling floating around. And then to push extra-late and get it…amazing.

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