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A few bits and pieces I’ve found when poking around in the WordPress dashboard. I’ve been a little quiet on the blogging front recently, for the simple reason that there hasn’t been much I felt like sharing. Ergo, I haven’t really been keeping a close eye on the blog backend overmuch. Now that I’m more inclined to post again, I’ve been checking up on stuff.

Isn’t blog spam a weird beast? I don’t often look through the spam folder as I find Akismet does a good enough job for me, but it is sometimes interesting. Why, for example, would I think a commenter called “Forex Robot” was anything but spam? Then there’s the angry spam.

“Why have you deleted my post? It was very beneficial information and i promise atleast one person found it helpful unlike the rest of the comments on this site. I’ll post it again.”

followed by the usual get a bigger wallet/girlfriend/penis stuff. And of course, the hundreds of random-letter spams, like the one below. These particularly mystify me. None of the links go anywhere. What’s the point?!


Search traffic
I don’t get a lot — not a big surprise, I don’t post much in the way of valuable information, just personal wow-witter. Ever since posting a “faceroll” picture link in an post, I’ve had lots of hits for “faceroll”, “ret faceroll”, “paladin faceroll” and the like. Yeah yeah, whatever. Personally I think it’s a concerted campaign by hunters. Aaanyway, I happened to glance across at the stats module yesterday and discovered a search engine visit via “mage faceroll”.

Mage faceroll? Really? I mean, I know the arcane “rotation” is two buttons excluding cooldowns (unless you have to move) but they’re in a sequence. Mashing your face on the keyboard just isn’t going to work!

As for “wow shadow faceroll”? I give up.

Teeny ninja loots again
On Saturday evening after random real-world stuff messed up my plans, I joined a late-ish ICC group on Cent. At Saurfang (yes, I know I said I wouldn’t do that again). The ad in trade interested me: they were looking for ranged DPS who was “patient”. I asked what that meant, and also how far they hoped to go. The reply was effectively “someone who won’t have a hissy fit if there are inexperienced people in the group or if we wipe”. That seemed reasonable, and it was the last night I’d have a chance to raid on her this lockout so I went ahead. Short version: after an “interesting” first attempt on Saurfang with no CC at all, we were able to down Saurfang and Fester before Rotface and the clock put an end to the group. Most of the people in the group didn’t appear to have done the fights before, so I was actually quite impressed. And Cent swiped a new necklace.

Back to the king
Last night after a shaky-looking start (i.e. we had 9 for VoA and Onyxia) we ventured to ICC and comfortably cleared the emo wing. We then put Sindy down on our first attempt (a first), albeit with a casualty or three. We then had a couple of promising warm up fights with the LK before calling it for the evening.

Distressingly, personal obligations and the dreaded spectre of work look likely to prevent us from fielding the same group for the next … er … while. I swear, if we could have just three raid nights in a row where the group composition was the same, we’d kick his whinging backside straight off that platform.

3 thoughts on “Meta & little bits”

  1. I find those “Why did you delete my post?!?”-spams really interesting too. I guess it’s really just an attempt to make it not look so much like a bot. But when you then have like 5 messages from different places saying exactly the same thing.. it’s still as obvious (maybe they don’t realise hehe)

    I can sympathise with your LK problems. We’ve been having people missing all summer and last night we went in for the first time in 3 months.. yep, you read that right.. 3 months. Before that we had maybe a total of 3-4 evenings of tries, if even that.. never with the same group either. Last night we got him to 13% though, but a person had to leave.. or I’m sure we’d have taken him the next try. I just hope we can get the same group together again, cause I really just want him.. you know.. dead.

    1. 13%?! Heartbreak!

      Thanks to some wrangling, we did manage to get a group together yesterday — not precisely the same group as Monday, but pretty close. We didn’t do as well as you (we got to ~30%) but we did figure out a healerswap strategy that dealt nicely with infest, and got to the point where we had no issues with the valks and defile. Vexingly, where we were weakest was in managing the raging spirits during the transition phases. Between people blundering infront of them and being silenced/killed, people pulling aggro on freshly spawned spirits and getting flattened, we kept entering the next phase with multiple spirits active.

      Still: I got to go inside Frostmourne this time, which I found pretty pleasing (even if I didn’t really take the time to look around).

      1. Those Raging Spirits will give me a heartattack, I swear.. I’m the MT on the fight and having to look for them is so intense.. I have to make sure I can .. well first of all.. actually SEE them spawn *lol* Then it’s like a race against time and lag.. I target them and spam my taunt button hoping against all hope that with lag and what not they won’t have time to punch someone in the face before taunt goes off. (You’d think with taunt spamming that wouldn’t happen.. but I’ve seen it happen.. and it frustrates me to no end).

        People seem to have trouble with the idea of Raging Spirits, I agree.. After one spawns next to you.. it’s like.. don’t just stand there, move away! Don’t stand between it and the tank cause it’s *going to run through you* and with a little bit of bad luck.. you get cleaved in the face.

        Or if the healers are slow on removing the silence.. since taunt counts as a spell.. that’s painful too.. not being able to taunt *lol*

        I swear I’ll have a heartattack before he dies.. I really do :P

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