What to do?

Or rather, what to do next?

Now that we’ve finally toppled the Lich King ourselves, it’s a question we need to ask. For many guilds, the answer to that is a straightforward “heroic modes, of course” but it’s not quite so cut-and-dried for us.

Don’t get me wrong: the next time we go into ICC, I’m sure we’ll have a go at a few. If we’re fielding a full-strength team, there are a number of encounters which (based on little more than what I remember from reading on the wowwiki strategy pages and a couple of recent “heroic bosses in order of difficulty” posts) I think we’ll be able to manage relatively straightorwardly. But at this late stage in the expansion there’s not quite the imperative to go do hardmodes that there might once have been — given the impending Cataclysm, even 264 loot is likely to be replaced fairly quickly. It’s certainly not something I think we need a laserlike focus on (although there are a couple of guildies deserving their own Kingslayer titles who weren’t present for our first kill)

There is, of course, also the siren call of “things which aren’t ICC”. Don’t get me wrong, I haven’t been raiding ICC for long enough to be burned out on it by any means. There are other raid instances worth a visit though: I’ve not fought General Vezax or Yogg in Ulduar. I’d also like to be part of a Mimiron kill where I *didn’t* get over-excited at the prospect of hanging out with the button and kill myself within the first 30 seconds. I even harbour a secret hope of seeing Algalon.

Then there’s the Ruby Sanctum. It’s not big, and we didn’t spend all that much time on it, but we’ve never downed Halion — we’ve barely made it to phase 3. It’d be nice to poke that particularly dragon too.

Selfishly, I’m a single Kel’Thuzad kill away from the Champion of the Frozen Wastes achievement, which would be nice to pick up, and only a couple of random bosses away from a bunch of Naxx achievements (I seem to have cleared 3/4 of the bosses in each wing, somehow).

About the only thing I *don’t* have any interest in is downloading the PTR client and fiddlng about with what will soon be live. The laundry list of Stuff To Do above is in no way comprehensive. There are still a few heroic achievements I need for a protodrake. There are still a few (well, two) Outland dungeons I’ve *never* seen. I’d like to pay a visit to the Ahn’Qiraj Temple, to complete the Classic Raider achievement. Having finally reached exalted with the Dwarves, there’s a little voice at the back of my head saying “go on, get the Ambassador title, think of all those funky mounts” which is sounding less like the rantings of a madman as time goes by.

And then there’s Cent. Overgeared and underused Cent. Cent, who was almost able to break out on her own and be an independent woman, but whose good fortune failed her at the last hurdle. Cent, currently fending off the advances of a priest (note for the Brits: topical!) and wondering where all the rumours about her underwear have come from. Cent, whose furthest foray into ICC is Rotface, despite clearly being geared for a shot at the title (even if her assitant’s skills might be subpar). It’d be nice to take her out for a guild run, rather than leaving her at the not-so-tender mercies of tradepugging, and a recent Friday night drunkrun in ICC which was half-guild, half random bodes well for her capabilities when sober and surrounded on all sides by friends.

So many choices. So little time. Whatever to do?

I suspect I might be the only person who’d be *happy* if Blizzard announced a delay to Cataclysm. *ducks*

8 thoughts on “What to do?”

  1. We’re finding ourselves in the same position (funnily enough!). Since we’ve only done it once on 10-man, there are several guildies who weren’t there on the night, so we’ll have to keep running ICC until we can get them their titles, but we intend to have some fun with heroic along the way :)

    This week though, we’re all saved to ICC. Ruby Sanctum it is on Monday!

    Good luck with whatever you and your guild decides on as the next adventure ;)

  2. Nope, you’re not the only one! I’d be very glad to be able to stay in WotLK (and with the current mechanics) for .. maybe two more months? :)

    Then again, I realise that thousands of souls probably just cried out in agony at the mere notion. But hey, we easily still have enough stuff to do for a couple more months :D

  3. Anka needs a task. And did you know that there are buttons in Outland? Well… sort of, kinda things to be pressed that qualify as a button. To open doors. I can show you!

    I love running old instances and raids and I would definitely be up for that. But I do belong to those that long for Cataclysm to hit. I need new secrets to discover. :-)

  4. We kind of went the opposite way *lol* Got LK down and there were some thoughts on HC modes, but now it seems like we’re all sort of.. nah let’s take it easy until Cata.. So I’m currently doing a bit of Alting.. a bit of achievement stuff, and playing Beta. It’s quite nice to take it easy too :)

    1. It’s still too early to say for us ;)

      Last night a fairly impromptu group went a-wandering, and a bunch of people (me included) finally picked up Champion of the Frozen Wastes. And I totally zoned out during Kel’Thuzad and died standing in the bad.

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