Bee pit bingo

Zel over at Murloc Parliament proposed Bee Pit bingo, and I’m such a fan of the bee pit I did my entry straight away.

And then realised it’d probably need some detail. Hence this post.

I'm printing this and keeping copies by my PC. If I win, I'll pour myself a drink. See you in rehab!

From left to right, starting at the top

Dice: loot issues. Needing, ninjaing, “loot reservation”, whining, obsessing. Just stop it.

“Anal”: in /2 or whereever. Also include “Dirge” and any other variations

The Mystery Button: player seems mysteriously ignorant of a crucial ability or skill. Also mark this spot if someone activates/cancels an event before everyone is ready – the lure of the mysterious button is strong

MB! MB! etc: Every time the rest of the group charges off leaving you with an empty bar. Particularly vexing if you’re healing.

Skully: DPSing the wrong target. AOEing instead of single targeting. Non-tanks pulling without being asked to help.

1g plz: Beggars. Mostly in Stormwind. GO AWAY.

“Gay”: Paladins are “gay”. Running after a wipe is “gay”. Heroics are “gay”. Roleplaying is “gay”. Cheese sandwiches are “gay”. Finding people of the same gender attractive is “gay” (waaaait). Optionally extend via “rape” != “beat”.

LMGTFY aka Let Me Google That For You: There *are* such things as stupid questions.

“Nub”: or scrub, noob, bad etc. Didn’t you ever make a mistake before?

/y: Stop yelling. I don’t care. It’s not funny.

(class): I have a name. I know I am a paladin, and I might be your healer but I don’t particularly want you to call me “paladin” or “healer”. If you’re going to call me “pally” because it’s something I am, I’m going to call you “jerk” for the same reason.

PVPenis: I’ve been poking a tentative toe into PVP. So that’s where all the dickheads live. Save it for the other side, lumpy.

“Rez Plz”: If we’re still fighting, shut up. I can’t. If we’ve just stopped fighting, shut up. I’m out of mana and will rez you in a sec. If we’ve wiped: shut up and run.

Not trained: Tank not trained his taunt? Any capable class not trained their rez? Generous interpretation would include “not on my bars”

“Gear”: as in “Your gear sucks” when in anything which constitutes a levelling dungeon. Including heroics.

“Pat?”: There’s a patrol? *wipe*. Spatial awareness disasters e.g. buffing too close to the mobs after a wipe. Bonus points for repeat offenders.

“FFS”: In any sentence in almost any group of randoms, this is the start of the kick/fake DC cycle. FFS, assholes, don’t say FFS. Particularly when someone makes a teeny mistake and/or apologises. FFS.

NMJ (Not my job): Covers everything from utility functions like mages decursing and paladins cleansing, through to my personal favourite, “you’re ranged dps, it’s your job to handle the blood beasts. You have all the tools to do all the cc yourself, so no-one else should help you AT ALL.”. Uh-huh.

“Go!”: “Quick run please”. Stop talking, start playing. OGOGOGOGOGOgogogogogogogogogogogogog *kick*

Wowcock: “My GS>yours”. Yeah, but my brain>yours. And my social skills>yours. And my sense of proportion>yours. Oh yeah, as it turns out, my DPS/TPS/HPS>yours too, numbnuts. See also “plz link achiv”.

RTB (Rose-tinted binoculars): back when it was “good”, before it was “nerfed” for the “casuals” and there were “welfare epics” and all these “nubs” started playing. If you were such an ace player back before the game was “consolized” how come you suck so much now?

“lol”: Sorry, lol. Didn’t mean to pull, lol. I forgot my reagents, lol. Lolololololololol STOP THAT NOW.

AFK: … … … Ah screw it, we can manage without you.

Ooooohkay, what?: Why are you telling me about your cat? I’m sad that you’re depressed but I’d suggest the Samaritans, not LFG. Good to know your girlfriend is that kinky – I’ll be sure to look her up. No sandwich is so good it deserved four paragraphs in party chat. Space Cadet Pugee, you are ready for liftoff.

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