Mission accomplished, addendum

If you read the  post about our guild’s first LK kill a couple of weeks ago, you might remember that there were two of our raiders who had to step out for the most absurd reasons, like having to go to bed so they could go to work and, y’know, pay their bills and stuff. Silly, right? Anyway, on that night we were able to grab another two guildies who logged on late, and in the early hours of the morning, we finally managed it.

Well, tonight we completed our second LK kill, with both Anka and Mora (the two who’d had to leave) present and in fine form to collect their Kingslayer titles. Glorious.

On Tuesday, we’d killed off Sindy and had a few a good few attempts on Arty culminating in a heartbreaking 2% (well, 12%) wipe. Amazingly, it turned we were able to raid again tonight (Wednesday), with only once person unavailable.  On each try, we improved by a phase;  attempt one ended at the  first phase transition when the  instance bugged out and Arthas decided to go levitate somewhere off the edge of the platform! The kill was our third attempt of the evening.

Admittedly, I snuffed it not much past the 30% mark and was then instakilled by a horrible spirit-y thing moments after a battle rez, but that didn’t stop our remaining nine from punching Arty’s lights out. Now *all* of us who were part of the “progression” runs in ICC have got the title on at least one character, and two jammy devils have it on two.

…but it gets better!

For our first kill, one of the two loot items that dropped was the Tainted Twig of Nordrassil. Y’know, the ace hunter weapon. Anka, our hunter, wasn’t there — she’d had to leave. I think it was vendored :(

It dropped again tonight. \o/

The other item was some two-handed mace thingy. The Warmace of Menethil. Which no-one really liked the look of, so I grudgingly accepted. It really was  a bind, having to reorganise my gear to get back to the hitcap, but omgomgomgOMGOMGOMG!


Next time we’re going to nick his pants as well — that way if he *does* manage to sit back on the frozen throne, he’ll not like it much.

Ano prepares to put the boot in, posthumously. Well, it's easier to kick 'em when they're already down.
Why do nelves have such impossibly tiny waists? Who knows.

Moreover, this means we’re locked out of ICC for the rest of the week (until the 4.01 patch? Maybe!) so our next raid will very likely be a fun run into Ulduar. I discovered this evening that there’s at least one person in the group whose only experience of Ulduar is the small group of bosses which show up as weekly raid quests. So we’ll go and ride the train, availability permitting, and I’ll see if I can stay alive for all of Mimiron for more button worship. And then maybe, just maybe, I might get to see Vezax. And maybe Yoggy!

9 thoughts on “Mission accomplished, addendum”

  1. WHEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    *cheer* *happy dances* *squeeeeeeeeee*

    you got one seriously happy hunter here! Last night was the awesomest!!!!! :-)

  2. I’m happy too! Arthas doesn’t actually drop anything I want (unless I chose to go back to a 2 hander spec), but I wanted that damn title!!

    I was so happy last night my fiance was wondering how a game could make me so bouncy. I must show him how to play so he understands :P

    1. \o/

      And yes, show him. I don’t think she’ll ever be a raider, and I’m not sure she’s ever logged in without me, but Bryn genuinely enjoys the couple-or-so hours we spend most weekends questing together, and WoW is Bryn’s second-ever videogame (she borrowed my DS to play Professor Layton).

      You might also start him on a less complicated class than a priest, but that’s a different discussion entirely!

  3. That’s one lucky hunter getting the weapon to drop again! Congrats :)

    I’m nervous about the patch coming next week, but I’m not sure why. I guess it’s just the whole.. having less points than before and figuring out my new spec.

    We’ve been thinking about going back into Ulduar as well, we never did finish all of it before we went to ToC. We had a handful of attempts at Yogg, but then ToC came and we went there instead. So maybe we should go back as well and have a look around, might be fun to see the place again – and I really really really want that drake ;)

    1. I know how you feel. I’m nervous/excited, and excited/nervous too. I’m pretty confident I’m going to suck for a while, but I’m going to try figuring it out for myself before I start reading the various “ guide for 4.01″ posts that are springing up everywhere.

      The guild has (at least) once killed Yogg, but it was before I joined and I’m honestly not sure how many people who were there then are still active — I think perhaps only three. And of course, everyone wants to be a starcaller but that will require some work :)

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