Michael Bay

Time for some silliness.

We have this thing in guild that we like to call the “Michael Bay” strategy. Yes, after the film director. It references his subtle interplay of interlocking dialogue, careful blocking and delicate camerawork that mesmerises the player into …

Let’s start again. The Michael Bay technique. Blow it up, kill it with fire, no subtlety, no finesse, just BIGGER EXPLOSIONS. That’s the MB technique. Hmmm, MB? Michael Bay? Mysterious Buttons? Co-incidence…?

Anyway, we’ve been adapting and “refining” (har-har) the Michael Bay technique for some time.

Our first Michael Bay encounter was Deathbringer Saurfang in ICC. Wee typically run with a melee-heavy group — three or sometimes four melee in 10man– and the blood beasts could be a bit of a pain. Why didn’t we just tank them? That way instead of faffing about with crowd control (stop laughing at the back) and having the ranged kiting the marauding beasts, we could hold them in melee and blow them up.

It worked beautifully.

Next up, the Michael Bay heroic 5 man. After a raid, there’d invariably be a couple of heroic dungeon runs for people to get their daily frost badgers. We’d often still be raid buffed. Why not abandon tanking? So we took four melee DPS and a druid healer, and set all the controls to “mince”. Simple strategy — k,ill everything before it has a chance to hurt you. Enormous fun.

We’ve gradually added to our Michael Bay repetoire.

Sindragosa, MB-style: one tank, two healers, seven dps. Zoom zoom1

Festergut, MB-style: Innoculations? Bah, why bother. BIGGER EXPLOSIONS PLX. Actually, the true FesterBay hasn’t happened yet — that’s the one tank, two heals, seven DPS no spores version. We did try it on our last run, but didn’t quite make it — we were short handed and so had nine people total, and were running with three healers as we have a shiny new druid member who was experiencing (and hopefully enjoying) her first raid.

Valithria Baywalker: Does two healing it with 8 or nine people in the raid count? I think it does.

I’m also tempted to include BQL (who needs a third bite target?) and possibly even the time we accidentally pulled Deathwhisper while we were clearing trash, but tonight we added a new one:

The Lich King, MB-style: One tank. Three heals (although if we’d had a disc priest, I think we might even have tried for two-healing). Heroism on the pull (more or less), push Arthas into the transition before a second Shambler spawns. Lose our warlock to a Valkyr (wtb more burst-on-demand for fire spec). Press on. Kill the raging spirits, boom. *This time*, have your fire mage remember to take care of the frost orbs during transitions. Silly Arthas picks an arcane mage to slurp into Frostmourne. Whoopsie. Shadow priest drops form to cover healing at the end and…

Centrella the Kingslayer
Centrella the Kingslayer

For some time now, I’ve really wanted to take Cent on an all-guild run. Sure, she’s done a fair bit in random pugs. She even did raid tactics for a very nice group and shared first kills of Valithria, Blood Princes and BQL with them. But pugs are nothing compared to running with your guild. Last Thursday we cleared as far as the blood wing, leaving Valithria, Sindy and LK himself alive. Tonight we wandered in, cleared Val and Sindy straightforwardly, then marched on to Arthas, where the Michael Bay strategy for the Lich King encounter was revealed.

There was a pause.

Then there was much whooping and cheering. Why not give it a go?

And it worked! Ok, our first attempt failed when  a certain mage *cough* whose responsibility during the transitions was to use a mana-free scorch to take care of the frost orbs got distracted and, well, didn’t. Attempt number two, though… Brilliant!

Frostmourne's nearly the right size now!
Frostmourne's nearly the right size now!2

In celebration we opted to do the weekly. In the Michael Bay spirit of the evening, we decided to see what happens if you just go straight for Sarth (answer: the trash murdalises you). Then we did it again, but cleared trash first, and Cent picked up her second title of the evening. And the goody bag of cash and JPs. And the dragonhide bag, before she remembered she already had it. She did generously allow someone else to pick up the drake though — in deference to the all-guild run, I guess.

So. Probably our last raiding night before the Shattering, and Cent grabs her KS title in a guild group.


Centrella the Kingslayer

  1. although it’s pretty terrifying when the tank spots an opportunity to clear his stacks of mystic buffet while you’re clearing an iceblock, and you raise your eyes to look straight up the nostrils of an angry dragon []
  2. The character in the background is Kingslayer #4 for that particular guildie. All gained in guild groups. Yeah, she's pretty handy to have around! []

4 thoughts on “Michael Bay”

  1. Ssrth was a scientific experiment……I wonder if that was the first time that the Michael Bays Technique was used in a scientific experiment? *

    * For the record I never had the option of taking Chemistry at school…….

  2. I have to admit, I kinda love Michael Bay movies.. so Michael Bay tactics sound awesome. I think our GM/raid leader has them.. he just calls them roflstomp-tactics. Which is slightly different in a way I guess.. it’s when we’re at a new boss/dungeon and no one quite knows the tactics and we’re not planning to seriously work on it yet.. So we just run in and roflstomp it hoping it all works out :P

    It does sometimes, on like.. easy stuff like HCs back in the day.. not so much once you try it in raids. Ironically we sometimes did better on our roflstomp try than we did once ppl heard tactics sometimes. Maybe not having to think is sometimes useful? :P

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