Ravenous Jaws

No posts for a few weeks then two in two days? Blogging like buses1 is something I usually try to avoid but I couldn’t help notice a line in the latest hotfix patchnotes. Specifically

Ravenous Jaws off the coast of Icecrown grew strangely large and have been returned to their normal size.

That’s a relief. Tremble got quite a fright in this encounter…

That's a pretty big-looking shark...
Holy crap! Run away, run away, oh wait. He's dead!

‘Scuse the weird-looking UI, by the way. Since 4.0.1, resizing the world frame with Sunn Art has caused graphical artefacting with sunshafts. I generally turn sunshafts off and resize the frame for serious activity, but leave all the shinies on when just out and about in the world — but it does mean UI elements creep pretty high into the play area. I’m also unable to switch on antialiasing without weird water issues. *sigh*

  1. You know, nothing for ages then two come along at once. Well, not like buses in snowy London, where there wouldn’t be anything except a vague “yeah, sorry mate, bad wevver innit” []

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