Cheap-ass Paladin: Enchants

Update 22 Feb 2011: This post seems to still grab the odd hit so it’s probably worth pointing out that, thanks to the devaluation of haste and the promotion of mastery/crit, you should be keeping that in mind when choosing your enchantments for retribution. The mastery boot enchant might well be worth a look now, and the mastery wrist enchant will be better than the haste equivalent (but both will be beaten by the new strength enchantment, if you can find it).

So Ano has reached the point where I really can’t find any more excuses for why I haven’t enchanted his gear. There’s enough 333 and 346 ilevel gear in both his ret and holy sets to be worth it. We’re running heroics. Centrella is (relatively) awash in Hypnotic Dust, and not too badly off for Celestial Essences.

Then I looked at the cost of Maelstrom Crystals, needed for the top-end enchants. Ouchie. On my server, they go for ~3000 gold each. I’m not paying *that* for anything that isn’t purple, ta1.

So I had a bit of a google, and didn’t quickly find any second-best-in-slot lists for enchanting. As I was too lazy to keep searching (ret paladin, remember) I thought I’d just suck it and see. I ended up with the enchants in the table below, which excludes the head & shoulder enchants as they’re pretty straightforward — you buy the one you have sufficient rep for.

Ret Holy
Boots Greater Assault is a Wrath enchant, but EJ reckon it’s currently better than haste or mastery. Woo for using up old mats! Haste, as Lavawalker uses a Maelstrom Crystal.
Wrists I’m a leatherworker, so I went with a draconic embossment for strength but otherwise I’d have gone for Greater Assault, the +AP wrath enchant. Once again the fine brains at EJ says it’s better than haste or mastery, and you can pick up the bits for pennies if your guild bank/friendly enchanter doesn’t have spares. I’m a leatherworker, so I went with a draconic embossment (int) but otherwise I’d have gone for Speed, or maybe Spirit if I was feeling expansive)
Hands +35 strength is a LOT cheaper than +50 str (2 MCs!) I went with +50 haste rather than the +65 mastery, which is expensive and arguable not as useful, currently.
Back (cloak) +50 crit is fairly cheap, lots cheaper than the +65. +50 int isn’t the cheapest, but I had a 346 cloak.
Offhand n/a +100 Int. The old shield enchant (+25 int) doesn’t really compare. Of course, when the Cata enchant is nerfed to +40 int, then it’ll might be worth considering if you’re short of funds and have access to old mats.
Weapon Avalanche isn’t that cheap, but I have a shiny 346 axe. Landslide, the top DPS enchant, requires a currently-outrageous 5 maelstrom crystals (plus another five to buy the recipe!) I probably should have gone with Heartsong, but I was running low on celestial essences so I went with the old wrath +50 spellpower enchant. The money-no-object option is Power Torrent. I can’t say I’d describe myself as a lifestyle healer, but I think I’d prefer a static buff to an uncontrollable proc, if there was a Cataclysmic option.
Legs As a leatherworker, Ano can use the great value Dragonbone Leg Reinforcements. Failing that, I’d probably have cheaped out and gone for Scorched Leg Armour rather than the Dragonscale Leg Armour. A choice between Ghostly Spellthread and Powerful Ghostly Spellthread. For now, I choose the cheaper version as Cent is hoarding dreamcloth for epics, but it’s not frighteningly expensive to acquire if you have access to a tailor.
Chest Mighty stats all the way. The extra +5 all stats  for Peerless Stats isn’t worth the cost to me at this point. Mighty stats all the way. The extra +5 all stats  for Peerless Stats isn’t worth the cost to me at this point.

So what did I miss out on?

By my calculations, my ret set is down 20 str, 20crit, 5 of each other stat, plus the DPS difference between Avalance and Landslide — ~220dps, according to EJ. If I’d blindly picked the “best” Cataclysm enchants, I’d have used 16 maelstrom crystals, currently worth ~48,000g on my server. Excluding the cost of buying the Landslide recipe for Cent (another 15,000g).

My holy set is a little more complicated. The haste boot enchant is better than Lavawalker from a pure stats point of view (currently) but the run speed boost might be handy. The cheaper hand enchant is probably better for throughput. Heartsong is probably very useful from a regen point of view; Power Torrent’s unpredictable healing  (or regen) boost might be great, but it might also happen at awkward times. So the direct reductions are the difference between the two spellthreads (40 int, 10 crit) plus the +5 all stats loss by using mighty stats. Going crazy for the expensive enchants would have cost another 10 Maelstrom crystals (another 30,000g), plus another 15,000g for the Power Torrent recipe.

Total gold saved: 108,000.


  1. Actually, it’d have to be an especially pretty purple with a charming personality and elderly rich relatives. []

If this makes it onto your blog I will die of shame

Arresting title, what? It’s a quote from Vent. What follows is from guildchat, with apologies1

[Me]: Heh, [Many-alts-person], we’re just (sort of) talking about you, in a way  (guild in-joke)

[Many-alts-person]: Uh-oh.

[Many-alts-person]: It wasn`t me, it was [Expert Warrior, currently offline]

[Me]: [Bosslady] was comparing Warcraft to sex

[Trap-detecting-mage, spouse of bosslady]: eek, what have I missed?

[Me]: Clarity-inducing statement: Wow is like sex because…

[Me]: It can be a lot of fun on your own

[Me]: but it’s LOTS better with other people

[Trap-detecting-mage]: haha!

[Many-alts-person]: :D

[Me]: except if the other people are horrible.

[Keanu Reeves Fan]: …AND you don’t necessarily have to mention Megan Fox while doing it.

[Me]: In fact in many ways, it’s better if you don’t, in my experience

[Trap-detecting-mage]: It never works as well when you do it with strangers?

[Bosslady]: Especially not calling out her name in the mid throes.

[Keanu Reeves Fan]: Unless you are, in fact, doing it with Megan Fox. Either WoW or sex. Both works.

[New-but-funny Guildie]: and is something yu can do on a sick day

[Trap-detecting-mage]: you can do it while sitting down….

[New-but-funny Guildie]: oh my, what *is* it with megan fox ?

  1. and the caveat that it was Friday night, and there were elements happening on Vent too! []

Happy New Year

…to you. Bryn and I returned safely from the rapidly-defrosting north, played more silly games into the small hours with friends, went to a pantomime with my nephew (oh no we didn’t, etc.) and drank another lakeful of booze over the new year. Hope yours was fun too.

Now it’s January and, as life returns to normal the delicious process of running heroics and gearing up for raiding begins. I’m a little behind many of my guildies, as disappearing for a couple of hours during a family visit is a bit rude and besides, Cataclysm content is slideshow-esque on my old laptop. Plus I did pick up Fallout: New Vegas for £20, which may have consumed/be consuming some of my leisure time…

I can’t speak with anything approximating authority on heroic difficult or length yet, having done precisely two of them. The first (Grim Batol) I ran on Ano, the second (Halls of Origination) on Centrella, who made it to heroic-ready only moments before courtesy of a regular Lost City run and the realisation that she was sitting on 2.5k of justice points. Both instances were challenging but fun. They took a while to complete, but I’m sure that we’ll get faster fairly rapidly — whether they still feel long in a month’s time will be worth checking. I did find it interesting, though, that for all the changes to the post-Cataclysm world, Ano and Cent’s respective activity feeds for the past day or so suggest that some things remain the same.

For Ano, the only interesting entry is the Heroic: Grim Batol achievement.

For Cent, there’s an achievement for Lost City, and an achievement for Heroic: HoO. And then a series of “Obtained…” lines for Sand Silk Wristband, Sorrowsong, Blight-Lifter’s Mantle (a dungeon quest reward), Gloves of the Painless Midnight (JP purchase), Anhuur’s Hymnal, Band of Rays, True Archaeologist’s Bracers (another dungeon quest reward) and Diamant’s Ring of Temperance (she hit revered during the heroic).

After one heroic dungeon each, and with Ano having also run all of the normal dungeons at least once, Cent’s equipped average iLevel is *already* 10 points higher. And she hasn’t equipped the heroic trinket yet!