Happy New Year

…to you. Bryn and I returned safely from the rapidly-defrosting north, played more silly games into the small hours with friends, went to a pantomime with my nephew (oh no we didn’t, etc.) and drank another lakeful of booze over the new year. Hope yours was fun too.

Now it’s January and, as life returns to normal the delicious process of running heroics and gearing up for raiding begins. I’m a little behind many of my guildies, as disappearing for a couple of hours during a family visit is a bit rude and besides, Cataclysm content is slideshow-esque on my old laptop. Plus I did pick up Fallout: New Vegas for £20, which may have consumed/be consuming some of my leisure time…

I can’t speak with anything approximating authority on heroic difficult or length yet, having done precisely two of them. The first (Grim Batol) I ran on Ano, the second (Halls of Origination) on Centrella, who made it to heroic-ready only moments before courtesy of a regular Lost City run and the realisation that she was sitting on 2.5k of justice points. Both instances were challenging but fun. They took a while to complete, but I’m sure that we’ll get faster fairly rapidly — whether they still feel long in a month’s time will be worth checking. I did find it interesting, though, that for all the changes to the post-Cataclysm world, Ano and Cent’s respective activity feeds for the past day or so suggest that some things remain the same.

For Ano, the only interesting entry is the Heroic: Grim Batol achievement.

For Cent, there’s an achievement for Lost City, and an achievement for Heroic: HoO. And then a series of “Obtained…” lines for Sand Silk Wristband, Sorrowsong, Blight-Lifter’s Mantle (a dungeon quest reward), Gloves of the Painless Midnight (JP purchase), Anhuur’s Hymnal, Band of Rays, True Archaeologist’s Bracers (another dungeon quest reward) and Diamant’s Ring of Temperance (she hit revered during the heroic).

After one heroic dungeon each, and with Ano having also run all of the normal dungeons at least once, Cent’s equipped average iLevel is *already* 10 points higher. And she hasn’t equipped the heroic trinket yet!

4 thoughts on “Happy New Year”

  1. Haha, poor Ano. I remember having similar “this is so unfair to character x!” moments in Wrath, when I had two 80s running new Heroics at the same time (I don’t have that, currently). Sometimes the game works in mysterious – and sometimes, infuriating – ways!

    1. Cent has been consistently, spookily fortunate with drops for long enough now that people joke about it in-guild.

      Actually, so has Ano, but in reverse. Earlier this week, one guildy wondered aloud what would be Ano’s new Whispering Fanged Skull (the unobtainable item)…

  2. Welcome back and Happy New Year :)

    I’m having bad luck with drops in Heroics most of the time. Lady RNG simply doesn’t like me! Maybe I should try running with two characters like you, but I think I’d be too upset if my alt got better gear than my main *lol*

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