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  • If this makes it onto your blog I will die of shame

    2011 - 01.15

    Arresting title, what? It’s a quote from Vent. What follows is from guildchat, with apologies1

    [Me]: Heh, [Many-alts-person], we’re just (sort of) talking about you, in a way  (guild in-joke)

    [Many-alts-person]: Uh-oh.

    [Many-alts-person]: It wasn`t me, it was [Expert Warrior, currently offline]

    [Me]: [Bosslady] was comparing Warcraft to sex

    [Trap-detecting-mage, spouse of bosslady]: eek, what have I missed?

    [Me]: Clarity-inducing statement: Wow is like sex because…

    [Me]: It can be a lot of fun on your own

    [Me]: but it’s LOTS better with other people

    [Trap-detecting-mage]: haha!

    [Many-alts-person]: :D

    [Me]: except if the other people are horrible.

    [Keanu Reeves Fan]: …AND you don’t necessarily have to mention Megan Fox while doing it.

    [Me]: In fact in many ways, it’s better if you don’t, in my experience

    [Trap-detecting-mage]: It never works as well when you do it with strangers?

    [Bosslady]: Especially not calling out her name in the mid throes.

    [Keanu Reeves Fan]: Unless you are, in fact, doing it with Megan Fox. Either WoW or sex. Both works.

    [New-but-funny Guildie]: and is something yu can do on a sick day

    [Trap-detecting-mage]: you can do it while sitting down….

    [New-but-funny Guildie]: oh my, what *is* it with megan fox ?

    1. and the caveat that it was Friday night, and there were elements happening on Vent too! []

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    6 Responses to “If this makes it onto your blog I will die of shame”

    1. Bosslady says:

      *dies of shame*

    2. Many-alts-person says:

      Really Bosslady, you should have a chat with that warrior. He is getting out of hand!

    3. Jaedia says:

      Die of shame, eh? Such a shame you covered up names, now us internet folk can’t mock! Darn! :p

    4. Rem says:

      I beg to differ. I’m not a Keanu Reeves fan, I’m a Matrix fan (too bad they never made any sequels), which means I find everything and everyone involved awesome by default.

      Admittedly Megan Fox doesn’t make any sense without the context of Gevlon ;)

    5. Saga says:

      I’m with Jaedia on this; where’s the names for our mocking!

      And I’m ashamed to admit I don’t hate Keanu Reeves like the rest of the world does. He has his own.. eh.. charm? If you can call it that.

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