Nostalgia? Recidivism? You decide.

Sorry, can’t resist this.

It’s officially a year since my first post here on Mysterious Buttons1 so I’m pretending that’s a good excuse for incoherent ramblings.

A post from the end of May 2010 was a slightly cryptic acknowledgement that I’d moved servers, joined a new guild and taken part in my first raid. About a month later I’d been been positively promiscuous in my sampling of different raid dungeons, experienced the “current” content firsthand and *finally* given Marrowgar the beating he so richly deserved. I’d also stolen a spare sword he’d had rattling around in there somewhere2.

It’s pleasing for me, one year on from that first post, to have just taken part in my first raid since the Cataclysm launch and, after a less-than-auspicious start where we were repeatedly flattened by trash, to have to spent the evening with friends, thumping a skull-level boss. It took a handful of goes, and some massaging of the strategy, but by 10.30 the big fiery worm was dead. Huzzah!

A brief Public Service Announcement: when moving between Magmaw and the Omnotron Defense Council, you can run down either side of the staircase from Magmaw’s platform. One side is relatively free of obstructions; the other a little messier.

1. Should you choose to take the “messy” side, be prepared to jump the gap at the right moment.

2. If you fail to jump the gap, try not to laugh hysterically in vent. It lets everyone know you’ve done something stupid.

3. If you fail to jump the gap and end up at the bottom of the fissure, know that there’s an invisible wall that prevents you from jumping over the side into the lava below, for a merciful death and an opportunity to guilt-trip your healing team. Better to discover this now, from me, than in-game having told everyone that you’re stuck and you’re going to kill yourself.

4. If you fail to jump the gap and end up in the fissure, ALSO know that you can, with some manoeuvring, jump out of the fissure at the narrow end to land more-or-less where you were originally intending. It’s best not to have begged a friendly party warlock for a summon at this point “‘cos I’m stuck”, as that really makes you feel silly.

Finally, the Omnotron Defense System. Interesting fight, loads of great-looking visual effects, dorf golems. What’s not to like? We had a couple of end-of-raid prods as a warm-up and will revisit Toxitron and pals again tonight. It did occur to me that the Murloc’s Mom might have some advice for this fight too…

The Murloc's Mom is wise. Heed her words.
The Murloc's Mom is wise. Heed her words.
  1. yes, yes, I know there’s a post dates 21 Feb, but I added that retroactively as a copypasta from the SAN forum, and backdated it as it made sense for an “origins” post to come first []
  2. we discovered later that he had millions of the things — I swear one dropped every week []

11 thoughts on “Nostalgia? Recidivism? You decide.”

  1. Many grats on your first year and here’s to many more to come! I’ve enjoyed the journey with you thus far, am terribly envious you’ve killed the giant worm (it starts already) and hope Murloc Mom’s wise words can guide you through Omnomnomnitron. :D

    Cheers and hugs!

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