Thanks, Murloc Mom

We weren’t able to take the Murloc Mom’s advice on Tuesday as (seemingly) *all* of the European servers were largely unavailable. I’m still not exactly sure why — apparently TeliaSonera had some general connectivity problems in northern Europe, but we experienced the most drawn-out disconnect process I think I’ve ever encountered, resulting in 7 multi-hour DCs but leaving three of us left alive on an almost empty server. Weird.

We regrouped last night to have another go at the Omnotron Defense Council and, after a few warm up attempts and one unfortunate reset (if you accidentally leave the “room” when dodging abilities or slimes, the bosses despawn) we managed a pleasingly controlled first kill — no standing in the bad for us! As the only melee DPS in last night’s group, I had a lot of fun zooming from boss to boss, particularly when sprinting to interrupt Arcanotron. After that, we went killed Magmaw again1, 1-shot the elevator boss with no casualties and had a couple of exploratory attempts on Maloriak, dying in a welter of adds and fire shortly after the 25% phase transition.

You know, it’s odd, but I think Rebuke might well be my favourite thing about retribution in WoW42. And now that I’ve moved my enemy castbar out of the corner of the screen (wtf was I thinking?) to somewhere prominent, I can provide group utility beyond an emergency Lay on Hands every so often.

Ret actually has even more utility, but everyone seems to forget about it. Now that we’re three months in, there aren’t so many “CC is awesome — here’s a list of who does what” threads/blog entries being posted but back when they were a more frequent occurrence, very few of them ever seemed to include Repentance. Now ok, it does have the significant drawback of a cooldown which matches it’s duration, so if it’s broken, it’s broken, but think of the upsides!

1) It’s instant cast —  it can be used while running into range, or precisely when the mob’s in a good spot if it needs to be repositioned first.
2) It’s instant cast — so it’s very easy to co-ordinate with cast-time CC abilities like fear, hex and poly.
3) It lasts for 60 seconds, provided there are no tab-targeting errors or misplaced AoEs.
4) The CC’d target doesn’t move, so you don’t have to worry about suicidal sheep sauntering into cleaves.
5) The CC’d target doesn’t regenerate (unlike polymorph). If you’re feeling particularly clever post-4.0.6, you can drop a stack of censure on your target first, and it will actually take damage from the DOT without breaking the CC.
6) It’s flexible — it affects humanoids, dragonkin, undead, giants and demons. Handy!

Deeply unfashionable it may have been, but when we were running ICC we’d make quite a bit of use of repentance on trash pulls to reduce the craziness. It made deaths to random skellies significantly less common, at least compared to my PuG ICC experiences3. In the new Cataclysm dungeons, it does the same thing. Sure, if everyone in the group is 346-geared+, you *can* just wrathstyle a large number of trash encounters, but all it takes is an unfortunate lagspike, misclick or missed interrupt and you’re ghostrunning back to repair the damage your epics took in a failed heroic dungeon trash pull. Embarrassing.

Still, this attitude to CC does leave me with an easy dungeon finder group assessment method, particularly when I’m playing on Centrella. I’ll usually ask at the start “want to mark targets for polymorph?” and if I hear “nah, it’s just a heroic” from anyone in the group, I worry less about my DPS and keep fingers poised over iceblock, mirror images and invisibility instead. Chances are I’m going to need all three if I want to avoid expensive repair bills4.

Words of advice for *cough* young people (It’s Burroughs — NSFW)5

Woe is me for I have been reading forums again. I have been looking at raid strategy videos. Reading random guildblogs for hints about encounters. I’d like to take a moment to clear something up:

Cue: This is either a prompt (that’s your cue to move , ‘Cue the music!’) or a long stick you use to play pool.
Queue: Typically called a “line” in the US, I believe. It’s what you wait in if you’re trying to log in to a busy server at peak times, or what you do when boarding a train6
Que: In spanish, this means ‘what’, I think. In English it’s a synonym for “spelling mistake”.

  1. using the ‘offtank’ method — it works much better for us than kiting []
  2. Well no. My *favourite* thing is the whinging from Omen and the occasional growl from our tanks when the Lady blesses me with a particular good string of ability procs []
  3. I know that isn’t exactly an apples-to-apples comparison, but still… []
  4. I’ve recently discovered, and then confirmed,  that even without a runspeed boot enchant, a holy paladin can kite the mechanical trash around the Foe Reaper all the way back to the entrance safely. All you need is a tiny headstart and to use of Holy Radiance on cooldown (for the runspeed boost). *That* was a fun run, as I’m sure you can imagine. []
  5. I have the album this comes from, Spare Ass Annie and other tales. The music was put together my Michael Franti, then of the Disposable Heroes of Hiphopracy. It was a popular late-night play when I was a student… []
  6. if you’re not one of the ignorant swine I regularly encounter on the tube, attempting to shove their way onboard before I and the other 20 people behind me get off. Oh I’m sorry, was that your nose? I must do something about these elbows. []

One thought on “Thanks, Murloc Mom”

  1. Congratulations on getting down Omnomnomitron!

    We made the mistake of going to Chimaeron once done with the first two. Since we have two single-target healers the fight doesn’t work very nicely for us (WTB another AoE healer!) so we’re now going to try Maloriak or one of the other encounters I believe.

    Been playing my alt Paladin a bit lately, and when all those procs line up it’s FUN! Still learning to play it properly though.

    The various Cue, Queue and Que made me smile. I do wonder which of the three people were generally going for though…

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