Whine, whinge, moan

Legitimised thanks to Klepsacovic.

Why is it whiny post day when I’m in the middle of writing a “you’re all whining unnecessarily, everything’s lovely and shiny and the dungeon finder introduces me to wonderful people” post? Way to completely kill my flow.

Why am I unable to maintain a coherent narrative in said post when I’m writing during other people’s bathroom breaks and on the underground? It’s not like I’m wrestling with complex concepts or interlocking logical proofs. It’s just the usual wittering.

How come, having woken up feeling recovered from an annoying “..and relax. ILLNESS!” cold which has been hanging around during my holiday, the weather is completely crappy and we get drenched on the way to do our sightseeing thing?

Why can’t I wear a tabard in dungeons to get rep with the Baradin’s Hold faction? And before you say it, it’s not like doing a zillion daily quests is any more like PVP than running dungeons. Not even if the NPCs are horde-shaped.

Why do the NPC horde rogues in Tol Barad start spamming fan of knives when I fight them? Isn’t that an AoE attack (or is this just *really* advanced AI simulating standard player behaviour?)

Why can’t I do something else on my alts to gain rep with Cataclysm factions, other than dungeon running and verdammt daily quests. I HATE dailies. I like dungeons, but seriously, there’s a limit to how many you can run in a row before your brains dribble out of your nose. Give me something new to do? Can I craft for them? Perhaps they’d like some AH-purchasable items, like Hodir’s gang of smutty double entendre merchants?

How in the nine hells did a guildie of mine, the one who (amongst a million other achievements and things) got us the 55 exalted reputations guild achievement and pet reward, not have enough reputation WITH THE GUILD to buy the damn pet?? And shouldn’t there be some kind of exception anyway? If you get the achievement for the guild, surely you should be able to get the bloody reward without levelling a billion alts or spamming dailies ’til your eyes bleed.


Whew. That’s better. Thanks, Kleps!

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