It’s the time of year when I don’t have time. For anything.

I’m off to the US next week for an annual conference and, as usual, the run up to it has me frantically busy. Preparing materials for the conference. Finishing things so people can talk about them at the conference. Finishing things that need to be done before I get back from the conference.

This year it’s particularly awkward timing for my Warcrafting, as there are some changes afoot in my guild and I just don’t have time to log in. I haven’t been online in a week, and I’m only paying cursory attention to our forums.

I am still more or less keeping up with the blogging world, though – being able to read my feeds on the train or in bed (these ipad things are nice) means I can at least experience the game vicariously.

I saw today that Wow Insider have posted about a million entries about the forthcoming patch 4.2, but after the first couple, I stopped reading. It’s just too much. Tier sets, tier bonuses, boss models, quest details, apparent 800 new items, on and on and on.

Its no wonder people get bored or burned out so quickly. When you’ve read about every drop, every quest, every broken clay pot, there’s nothing left to discover. You know what you want, you know where to get it. You go get it and… what next?

I’ll keep a little mystery in my game, thanks.

Right, back to work. Not much of a Friday night, this…