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  • I’m back: feed me.

    2011 - 06.03

    Little shop of horrors: Om nom nom nom etc

    Hoo boy. Nearly five solid weeks of not playing — that feels like a long time. Hell, I’ve been back from my work trip for almost two weeks and I still haven’t submitted my expenses, let alone found time to play!

    So tonight I logged into the MB admin interface to upload an image I wanted to link to on our new guild website (more info soon). What was waiting for me when I logged in? Apart from WordPress updates, of course?


    XXX gnomes. Gnomes gone wild. Ick.

    XXX gnomes. Gnomes gone wild.

    I don’t know who you are but you should be ashamed of yourself.



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    6 Responses to “I’m back: feed me.”

    1. Alas says:

      I… you mean… it’s not okay? I didn’t realize.


      Welcome back!

    2. Pilfkin says:

      Heh – surely gnomes are triple-x rated by default??

      And welcome back :)

      • theanorak says:

        Centrella would deny everything.

        Grammy would probably volunteer to *show* everything, which might be unpleasant. Actually, she’d probably say “Eh? What?” and pretend to be just a lovely little old lady. But we know better.

    3. Saga says:

      OMG Hide the gnomes! They need to be saved..

      My felguard will be happy to eh.. take care of them.

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