How not to fight Nefarian as a Ret paladin

Yes, I know, who does BlackRockWingLairDepthsDescentSpire1 these days? Well, me. Us, even. With only seven guild raiders available on Monday we decided to pass on our first Firelands run in favour of the only T11 raid we hadn’t cleared on last week’s lockout. There are still plenty of upgrades in there for people (and tier tokens) after all.

Our recent player shortage left us with more melee DPS than ranged, and a shortage of healers, so I’ve been healing in every raid I attended since… March? Add to that my general impatience and the considerably shorter LFG queue times for healers, and the result is that other than running the Molten Front dailies, I’ve spent very little time in my retribution spec. Don’t get me wrong, healing has been a lot of fun, and I’m finally starting to make better use of my healing cooldowns (although I still forget HoS/HoP until it’s too late), but a chance to hit things with a big hammer?


It’d be fair to say I’m a bit rusty, but thanks to the reduced dangers of T11 post 4.2, decent raid DPS and frankly overpowered healing, all went well. Until we reached Nefarian and my realisation that, as the only melee DPS, I’d be kiting the skeletal adds.

How not to fight Nefarian as a ret paladin

  1. Make sure you’ve absolutely no idea where Hand of Reckoning is. Well, since they removed the damage component, why would you need it? Leaving it bound just increases the likelihood of hitting it with an ear.
  2. Be sure to get completely distracted by DPSing Onyxia at the start and fail to position yourself to collect the adds.
  3. Once you’ve collected the adds, be sure to run as far as possible from the healers. They love that. Healing spells have infinite range, dontchaknow?
  4. When you *do* manage to collect the adds nicely together, be sure to be both a) out of healing range (see above) and b) in front of Nefarian. If the tank can stand there, why can’t you?
  5. Run in bizarre lines to generate a nice conga line of skellies (ay-ay-ay-ay-ay-HEY!), the better to leave them scattered all over the room. Your Onyxia tank enjoys sprinting around trying desperately to collect them from underneath Nefarian in phase three.
  6. Once you’ve found Hand of Reckoning, it becomes an I-win button. Press it frequently. Under no circumstances check to see if you’ve accidentally targeted Onyxia. Eep.
  7. Rumours of paladin bubbles temporarily removing the paladin from aggro tables are just that — rumours.
  8. Righteous Fury is an unattractive thing — no-one likes an angry zealot. Be sure to not use it, especially if you’re having problems picking up the adds.
  9. Righteous Fury is a DPS boost. If you did switch it on for the adds, leave it on for phase 3. Your Nefarian tank was coasting, lazy so-and-so, he needs to work on his threat anyway.
  10. If for some reason you’re feeling kindly to your Nef tank (why??) and want to switch RF off, make sure that some combination of addons/errors/PEBKAC prevents you from doing so2. Stand still in the middle of the raid frantically clicking and reclicking on the buff in the forlorn hope that “the 14th time it’ll work, I know it”.
  11. When you finally give up on spam-clicking your buff and try a different approach, be sure to forget how to spell /cancelaura. Do this several times.
  12. Bonus points if you can spend the entirety of a heroism/bloodlust mistyping “/cancelaura Righteous Fury”3.
  13. Double bonus points if you are outrolled for the tier token by one of your pugged raiders.
And there you have it. Aren’t you proud to know me now?
  1. I can never remember the name of the damn instance []
  2. I use ElKano’s buff bars, and it wouldn’t let me right-click to remove RF? []
  3. At least I didn’t whisper it to anyone. I don’t think []

Long overdue guild post

We’ve had some changes here in Enthusiasm over the past couple of months.

We were pretty low on numbers at the end of Wrath, and we struggled mightily with the attendance boss when making our final kills. Moving into Cataclysm, we probably made some mistakes in setting tone and expectations, in not recruiting to give ourselves a little more strength in-depth. So we started raiding late, and cancelled a lot of raids. Disatissified variously with the game and with the guild, a number of players left both and went to play Rift. In total five people left within a couple of weeks, including both our raid leader and our guild leader.

As the only actively playing officer, I became the new guild leader roughly a week before disappearing for a month or so on a working binge. Not the best timing!

It took a strongly-worded post on our forum to shake us from our ennui and get our act together. It wasn’t the nicest thread to read, especially as one of the first things I came across on my return, but it was what we needed. Changes were made, and our new officers did more in a week than I’d done in the preceding 8 months.

So where are we now?

Well, we’re still not at full raiding strength, although as I’ve complained (jokingly) before, it doesn’t help that we’re a bunch of people with busy lives. There are about 20 of us in the guild at the moment, if I include the few non-raiding members we have and cherish. Of those 20, four have just moved house and are only just returning now they have Internet access at home and one has just returned from a three-week absence for work- and holiday-related travel. One player had an accident while caving and missed a raid through injury. We need more shut-ins!

That said, I’m feeling pretty positive. We have a couple of new recruits who are busily seeing if they like us and if we like them. Two of the five who left WoW for Rift are back, and as far as I can tell, thoroughly enjoying both the game and the guild.

We still need some more players. Having five players unavailable because of house moves/travel is fairly exceptional for a guild our size, but there’s always something. For example, this is the first week since… since I can’t remember, actually, that we’re going to have raided on all three of our scheduled nights. And we had to bring in pugs/helpers from our buddy guild to make it happen.

In spite of that, I think we’ll be ok. With a little luck, another new recruit or two and a following wind, we’re going to have a great time in tier 12.

So: here’s the elevator speech.

Enthusiasm is an Alliance 10 man raiding guild on Darkmoon Faire (that’s EU). We like friendly banter, raiding, and complete sentences (yes Mrs Eff, that’s in our official “mission statement”). And cake. We really, really like cake.

Find out more about us by visiting enthusiasm-guild.com1, fill in our little form (there’s only one question about cake, but don’t let that give you the wrong impression) and/or say hi to us in-game. We’re not Ensidia DREAM-Paragon and we don’t have 900000 members, and we like it that way. Maybe you would too.

  1. excusing the current default design if you please — I’m working on it, I promise []