Long overdue guild post

We’ve had some changes here in Enthusiasm over the past couple of months.

We were pretty low on numbers at the end of Wrath, and we struggled mightily with the attendance boss when making our final kills. Moving into Cataclysm, we probably made some mistakes in setting tone and expectations, in not recruiting to give ourselves a little more strength in-depth. So we started raiding late, and cancelled a lot of raids. Disatissified variously with the game and with the guild, a number of players left both and went to play Rift. In total five people left within a couple of weeks, including both our raid leader and our guild leader.

As the only actively playing officer, I became the new guild leader roughly a week before disappearing for a month or so on a working binge. Not the best timing!

It took a strongly-worded post on our forum to shake us from our ennui and get our act together. It wasn’t the nicest thread to read, especially as one of the first things I came across on my return, but it was what we needed. Changes were made, and our new officers did more in a week than I’d done in the preceding 8 months.

So where are we now?

Well, we’re still not at full raiding strength, although as I’ve complained (jokingly) before, it doesn’t help that we’re a bunch of people with busy lives. There are about 20 of us in the guild at the moment, if I include the few non-raiding members we have and cherish. Of those 20, four have just moved house and are only just returning now they have Internet access at home and one has just returned from a three-week absence for work- and holiday-related travel. One player had an accident while caving and missed a raid through injury. We need more shut-ins!

That said, I’m feeling pretty positive. We have a couple of new recruits who are busily seeing if they like us and if we like them. Two of the five who left WoW for Rift are back, and as far as I can tell, thoroughly enjoying both the game and the guild.

We still need some more players. Having five players unavailable because of house moves/travel is fairly exceptional for a guild our size, but there’s always something. For example, this is the first week since… since I can’t remember, actually, that we’re going to have raided on all three of our scheduled nights. And we had to bring in pugs/helpers from our buddy guild to make it happen.

In spite of that, I think we’ll be ok. With a little luck, another new recruit or two and a following wind, we’re going to have a great time in tier 12.

So: here’s the elevator speech.

Enthusiasm is an Alliance 10 man raiding guild on Darkmoon Faire (that’s EU). We like friendly banter, raiding, and complete sentences (yes Mrs Eff, that’s in our official “mission statement”). And cake. We really, really like cake.

Find out more about us by visiting enthusiasm-guild.com1, fill in our little form (there’s only one question about cake, but don’t let that give you the wrong impression) and/or say hi to us in-game. We’re not Ensidia DREAM-Paragon and we don’t have 900000 members, and we like it that way. Maybe you would too.

  1. excusing the current default design if you please — I’m working on it, I promise []

11 thoughts on “Long overdue guild post”

  1. We’ve had similar problems in my guild. We too were lot at the end of Wrath and we’re still struggling. We only have about 10-12 active raiders (and a bunch of socials who don’t raid), of which 3 are healers. So basically, one healer gone and we’re a no-go for the raid.

    It’s depressing that so far we’ve only had two or three full raid evenings in Firelands since the patch. Like you we’ve had people on vacation, moving and sadly we also have a few people who work the late shift every few weeks. Of course they all coincide ;)

    Eventually we’ll get there though. In the meantime I’m raiding on my Paladin alt in a Horde guild on weekends so I at least get to see some raiding action ;)

    Good luck with your recruitment!

    1. We’ve yet to go into Firelands — we wanted to finish off T11 first and get ourselves back into more regular raiding again. We actually had “guild first” kills of both Cho’gall and Al’aqir last night (we’d killed Cho previously, but with 3 non-guildies in the raid) so we finally got our sparkly mounts, which was pleasing. So next week will be our first foray into T12.

      It is tough when you’re shorthanded, and I feel your pain re healers. I have not DPS’d a raid since … er … March or April, I think? You’d think I’d have figured out how to use the Hand spells by now *sigh*.

      Glad you’re getting some raiding in though, even if it is on an alt. All fun is good fun, I say.

  2. Just a point of order. Two of the people mention didn’t leave guild or game. Our hearts remained with both. We were just tempted away by shiney things for a month. ;)

    And we are most definately back and very much enjoying game and guild. New games will come and go, but it’s the people you play them with that make them worthwhile, that make them fun.

  3. It was just a LITTLE caving accident :P Nothing was broken in the end, I just had some interesting bruises for a while. Have a whole new set now :P

    I promise to take care in caves in futur. But doubt I’ll take up a safer and more ladylike hobby anytime soon!

  4. To be fair, it’s not like I’m playing RIFT at the moment either. For now, I turned my full attention towards the “career” game, and it’s telling that I’m having more fun with it than with any game currently on the market.

    1. The career game is probably the only game which people are likely to make a living from; if it’s fun as well, you’re Charlie Sheen ;)

      Glad it’s going well.

  5. Nice read Ano, new recruit represent! I love this guild and I’ve only been in it a month. I know how hard it is to fill the roster too. I raid very infrequently on Horde now because as an RP guild which just can’t get 10 people dedicated/geared/skilled/motivated to down anything. It’s a little frustrating, but that’s WoW I guess. It’s also hard to balance career and WoW as I’ve spent many nights in the office, but it’s nice to not be made to feel bad for having to miss a raid or two (even if I miss Al’Akir achievement >.<)

    But anyhoo, loves from the furry butt of the guild <3

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