PSA: Zombies

I’m interrupting my irregular posting to bring you an important Public Service Announcement.

If you are one of the many World of Warcraft players who play other games too, you’ve probably noticed the spread of the plague that threatens to engulf us. If WoW is your only game, you may yet be unfamiliar with the dire situation the world faces, so allow me to summarise.

Zombies. Thousands of ‘em. 



I thought perhaps the disease had been stopped, but no. We’re still neck deep in games where, bereft of any ability/desire/willingness to invent new “bad guys” (or even the ability/desire/willingness to choose a different trope), the design meeting must have gone something like

“Ok Bob, settle down. We’ve some great gameplay elements in the bag already, but we need a story. A structure. A narrative that ties together the encounters you’re designing and the abilities we’re giving the player.”


“C’mon guys, help me out here. Let’s brainstorm a bit, throw some scenarios out there, some characters we can build on.”


“Please. Seriously. We *need* this. I’m already responsible for the website, managing our forum community, keeping our social media presence lively and responsive and more. I write the docs. I do the accounts. I even sent for a hygienist to deal with Alex’s… problem. Can’t you guys wake up a bit and help me here? I can’t write a whole new scenario by myself.”

*pause*.. “Hey, I thought of something!”

“Brilliant. Let’s hear it!”

“If this is officially a project meeting, can I expense my lunch? It’s 12.03.”

“Fuck you guys. I’m not slaving away if you lazy bastards won’t help. Zombie apocalypse it is. AGAIN. Hell, at least I won’t have to rewrite the box copy.”


There’s only one solution to this plague. And no, it’s not to take off and nuke the site from orbit.





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