And now that I’ve been writing this blog for over a year, it’s time for another update. A little more straightforward this time.

I’m Ano. I’m most often found on a namesake paladin, specced ret/holy, over on Darkmoon Faire-EU. I also have a few demanding alts, including a fire mage and a blood/unholy DK, as well as some levelling alts making their way through the world. I have a couple of lowbies on Nagrand-EU, and a couple more on Argent Dawn-EU who hung out with Single Abstract Noun for a while.

Group content’s the thing I play WoW for — dungeons and raids, preferably with guildies but these days I’m also comfortable pugging if I need to. I’m levelling a hunter through the 1-60 content at the moment, although with all of the heirlooms and guild perks he has, it won’t be long before he hits Outland. In any case, I’m finding it unusually enjoyable (if a little linear in places) and a pleasant, low-stress way to have fun.

Bryn’s hardly playing at the moment, but I did transfer our bear-and-priest pair to DMF from Nagrand, so they could borrow cash and help from my max-level characters as necessary.

The mysterious buttons currently confusing me the most are the tanking-shaped buttons on Tremble (although it’s not so much the buttons as everything else that’s confusing) and the entirely unfamiliar and ominously pulsing buttons of Grammy’s new Demonology spec. I’m considering learning to PVP by being repeatedly beaten in Tol Barad (the Horde spend so much time in Baradin Hold they’ve set up a gift shop) and wondering whether I’ll ever be able to tolerate archaeology.

Contact details are as before: If you feel the urge to get in touch privately, bung an email to mysteriousbuttons (at) gmail (dot) com.  I’m also on twitter (infrequently) where you’ll find me @mysterybutton.

Keep your chin up. If you’re having fun in the game, don’t let anyone tell you that it’s broken, abandoned, no good or that you’re somehow ‘lesser’ because you still like it. If you don’t like the game anymore, have the grace to say so and leave quietly without upsetting the furniture; the people still playing would rather remember you fondly than as ‘that arsehole who wouldn’t shut up about how much everything sucked’.

See you in the inn.


About text used until end of March 2011:
Mysterious Buttons was set up to talk about WoW from the perspective of a relatively new player, and hopefully include regular entries from a not just new-to-WoW, but new-to-gaming blogger. Except…

  1. I’ve been playing for almost a year now which means that, while I’m certainly no expert nor in a position to award myself “veteran” status, claiming to write from the perspective of a new player myself is stretching it a little, and
  2. I’ve totally failed to get Bryn (the “new-to-gaming” second writer) to write here. Given how many other things she writes/works on, that’s not entirely surprising. Also, I may not have set up the email system properly so she might not have received her username/password. *cough*

So what is the purpose of Mysterious Buttons now?

Well, I’m still pretty new to raiding, so I’m still learning/discovering lots of stuff about that. I’m finally learning to use my healing offspec, and I’m pretty new to that too. So there is still a discovery element to MB after all. And Bryn is still playing (moments away from level 20) so whilst we’ve missed the earliest parts, her first experiences in 5-man dungeons might provide some blogfodder. In the gaps, there’s a lot of miscellaneous witter, in-game observations and shameless me-too meme posts. If this was a sales pitch, you’d have already left, amirite?

If you feel the urge to get in touch privately, bung an email to mysteriousbuttons (at) gmail (dot) com. If you have a blog and I’ve commented there, you’ll probably have another email address for me — you can use that too. I’m also on twitter (intermittently — I’m not a daily user) where you’ll find me @mysterybutton.

(shortened from theanorak)

Original about text, for reference:
Mysterious Buttons is an in-development WoW blog. We’re going to talk about a bunch of stuff from the perspective of a relatively new player, and hopefully include regular entries from a not just new-to-WoW, but new-to-gaming blogger. If I can be sufficiently persuasive.

Right now I’m busily setting up hosting (there are several sites hosted here), configuring WordPress and writing draft posts so there’ll be some content to read once the site “launches”. As you can probably tell, the current theme is just one plucked at random from the theme gallery, with no customisation. It’s a little broken too. I just need infinite time…


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