So I’ve added some categories. They’re not mutually exclusive, mind.

Near and dear are people I play with, have played with, or have developed a special fondness for. No, drag your mind out of the gutter, I don’t mean it like that. Sheesh, you try to be nice …

Need more posts is pretty self-explanatory, I think. Blogs I like which are either dormant, or not updating often enough to satisfy my craving for their genius. Moar plx!

The great and the good includes everyone else. In light of the recent blogroll drama-in-a-thimble over who people include in their blogrolls, I’ll say this: I subscribe to people I find funny; to people I think write well; to people who write interesting things (however interspersed with trivia); to people who write trivia, if it’s my kind of trivia; to people who are experts, whose knowledge I value; to people who do things differently to me, to see the other side; to people with whom I disagree, because living in a bubble of “yes of course, yes yes yes” is bad for the brain. I don’t *purge* regularly and I’m still finding people I either didn’t about, or somehow failed to subscribe to.

Oh yeah, while I think on: these are all generated automatically from my Google Reader account. Here’s how to do that should you wish to.

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