I’ve lots of half-written posts about problems with t12 raiding — how the attendance boss is the toughest boss in the world, how the nerfs to the first 6 bosses in FL have been so severe that they’re actually counterproductive for working on Ragnaros (cos if you have a staff-quester, then you’re reclearing each week and the first six bosses require almost no concentration excepting whoever is dealing with that particular fight’s special mechanic) etc etc.

Anyway: on the eve of 4.3 we finally conquered the attendance boss sufficiently to have two consecutive nights working on Ragnaros. Yesterday we got the transitions to a point where we could reliably get through them without dying to massive raidwide death. Tonight, after a heartbreaking 0% wipe (ow!) we finally did it. The night the patch deploys in Europe, we killed him.

And just to make it personally special, I nabbed both the tier token (completing my t12 4pc set) *and* Sulfuras, as the only melee in our group this evening.

I *don’t care* that it might be irrelevant tomorrow. Tonight it’s awesome.

Cheers! *raises bottle*