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    More “how not to”…

    2011 - 10.20

    I’ve a ranty post centred on healing in draft, but in the meantime…

    How not to instance as a hunter (concise edition)

    • Aspects are tricky, and you’re quite new. Stick to Aspect of the Noob (Aspect of the Pack)
    • Definitely have problems with your misdirect
    • Be sure to let your guild know that you had the wrong aspect on in the last pull.
    • Bonus points if you’ve already done this once in a recent guild raid.

    How not to tank Baradin Hold as a Death Knight

    • For Occu’thar, definitely don’t make use of AMS to counter the nasty breath attack. Those blue bars are unsightly, make them go down
    • For Argaloth,  *do* make use of AMS for the cleave (does that screw up the damage sharing? Not sure…)
    • When running between Occu’thar and Argaloth (which you might do if you have a fresh-ish 85 alt in your run) don’t bother with Unholy Presence. The raid will wait for you.
    • Just before you get to the room, switch Unholy Presence and forget what you just did. Lower GCD > threat and survivability any day
    • Definitely complain that the other tank is taunting or overthreating, even though they’re waaaay more experienced than you. I guess I lose a potential bonus point for the other tank being a guildie
    • Try not to realise the problem before most of the other group are already dead to the cleave.
    • Announce to the raid full of guildies that you have “Aspect of the Noob” switched on. Be reminded that it’s a “Presence”1.
    ur plate-wearing characters
    • Make sure that the Helm from Hallow’s end only drops for your DPS casters.
    • Have your DPS caster win the helm early on
    • BONUS :Point
    1. but still very definitely Presence of the Noob []