More “how not to”…

I’ve a ranty post centred on healing in draft, but in the meantime…

How not to instance as a hunter (concise edition)

  • Aspects are tricky, and you’re quite new. Stick to Aspect of the Noob (Aspect of the Pack)
  • Definitely have problems with your misdirect
  • Be sure to let your guild know that you had the wrong aspect on in the last pull.
  • Bonus points if you’ve already done this once in a recent guild raid.

How not to tank Baradin Hold as a Death Knight

  • For Occu’thar, definitely don’t make use of AMS to counter the nasty breath attack. Those blue bars are unsightly, make them go down
  • For Argaloth,  *do* make use of AMS for the cleave (does that screw up the damage sharing? Not sure…)
  • When running between Occu’thar and Argaloth (which you might do if you have a fresh-ish 85 alt in your run) don’t bother with Unholy Presence. The raid will wait for you.
  • Just before you get to the room, switch Unholy Presence and forget what you just did. Lower GCD > threat and survivability any day
  • Definitely complain that the other tank is taunting or overthreating, even though they’re waaaay more experienced than you. I guess I lose a potential bonus point for the other tank being a guildie
  • Try not to realise the problem before most of the other group are already dead to the cleave.
  • Announce to the raid full of guildies that you have “Aspect of the Noob” switched on. Be reminded that it’s a “Presence”1.
ur plate-wearing characters
  • Make sure that the Helm from Hallow’s end only drops for your DPS casters.
  • Have your DPS caster win the helm early on
  • BONUS :Point
  1. but still very definitely Presence of the Noob []

Armour design: did this happen? Does this happen?

When hunting for information yesterday, I came across this page on It was linked from another page on the site as some of Blizzard’s original thoughts on raid design. So far, so interesting, but it was the armour design information that caught my eye. It’s a fair way down, so I’ll quote it here.

Our raid loot will have a unique look too. When they see Onyxia loot, they’ll know that you killed the dragon. Obviously the loot has to scale with the difficulty of the encounter, so raid bosses that are lower-tiered will still give good loot, but not nearly as good as that from higher-tiered bosses. Despite this, even the lowest-tier raid bosses will give better loot than a typical dungeon boss, even a level 60 one.

In particular, the first two sentences: “Our raid loot will have a unique look too. When they see Onyxia loot, they’ll know that you killed the dragon.”

Did that happen? One of the complaints I’ve heard about endgame gear is that you don’t get much of a chance to make yourself distinctive with it: if you’re wearing tier 9, then you’ll look just like all of the other <insert your class here>s wearing tier 9, and so on.

But if you could get the same stats with a different visual, depending on where you got it, then that could be a chance to be an individual. It might also give people who persist through tougher content a chance to show it. For example: my main, Theanorak, is currently wearing 4pc tier 9 thanks to the dungeon finder making it easy-peasy to collect Triumph badges. But what if I’d got my badges by raiding? What if I’d got my loot because it dropped at the end of an epic boss fight (that does happen, right?) and I won the roll? The only way you’d be able to tell is by looking at my achievements.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could see where/how I got my tier 9 gear just by looking at it? Of course, that would make TA’s gear a bit George-of-Asda (Wal-mart, for those of you outside the UK), but as long as the stats were the same it would make no difference. If Blizzard wanted to get *really* wild, they could actually theme items appropriately — so Onyxia’s loot would be dragonscale-y, and everything that dropped from Putricide would have scabrous bits falling off it. Hmm, well, you get the idea.

Of course, it’s a ton of extra work for Blizzard’s modelers and designers, but the subject of identity is obviously one they’re considering at the moment, if the “vanity cape” idea is anything to go by. And I bet people other than me would like it.

Oops, I broke it


Did some theme editing last night, and everything’s peachy. No problems, no fuss. Added a sitemap plugin and fixed the permissions so it could work? Easy. I even fixed the stylesheet so you can actually see links in the text! Overconfidence is risky, though: I try to make one tiny change to the uploader and somehow manage to break everything. Go me.

Fixed now (obviously) but… sheesh.